Cop-buddy comedies and time-travel romances don't sell themselves in under two minutes — they need music; we hunt down those tracks for you

By EW Staff
Updated January 30, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Young parents Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne get the Straw Dogs treatment from their fratty new neighbors (including leader of the six-pack Zac Efron) — and nothing says “Get off my lawn!” like Trick Daddy, Lil Jon, and Twista’s “Let’s Go.” Find the song On iTunes.

Winter’s Tale
How powerfully handsome is Colin Farrell? His steely gaze can initiate time travel, seduce both Jennifer Connelly and Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay, and make Birdy’s winsome “Wings” swell. Find the song On the 17-year-old British songstress’ 2013 album, Fire Within.

Bad Words
What insane director let Jason Bateman curse like Joe Pesci and take a young spelling-bee contestant cruising for hookers to the tune of BIGkids’ swaggering wasted-youth anthem “Superhero”? Oh, it was…Jason Bateman. Find the song On iTunes.

The Other Woman
This Leslie Mann/Cameron Diaz/Kate Upton blondefest features Nicki Minaj’s big-screen acting debut, but it’s Gin Wigmore’s stompy folk-rocker “Black Sheep” that soundtracks their sisterhood story. Find the song On 2013’s Gravel & Wine.

22 Jump Street
If Ice Cube is yelling while Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum binge-drink, high-five, and wrestle a rogue octopus over Wallpaper’s “#STUPiDFACEDD,” it must be a 21 Jump Street sequel. Find the song On 2012’s #STUPiDFACEDD EP.

A Haunted House 2
Marlon Wayans fights scary-movie clichés in his horror-spoof sequel the best way he knows how: with Kardashian jokes, a little light exorcising, and Ludacris’ guitar-amped “Get Back (The Sum 41 Rock Remix).” Find the song On iTunes.

Vampire Academy
Whenever someone says “Let’s make tonight our bitch,” the spirit of M.I.A. magically materializes. And so she does in this Hogwarts-for-bloodsuckers romp, which uses the singer’s jangly, swirling “Matangi” — because her “Bad Girls” has apparently been retired after appearing in approximately 9,546 trailers last year. Find the song On 2013’s Matangi.

3 Days to Kill
Kevin Costner goes the Liam Neeson assassin-dad thriller route. Hailee Steinfeld is his pouty daughter, and U.K. pop vixen Natalia Kills’ pounding “Problem” is his activate-secret-agent-skills trigger. Find the song On last year’s Trouble.

Million Dollar Arm
Jon Hamm uses his Don Draper powers of persuasion to turn Indian cricket bowlers into major-league pitchers in a fact-based sports drama. The Script and provide the you’re-a-champion anthem “Hall of Fame.” Find the song On the Irish rockers’ 2012 disc, #3.

Rob the Mob
The strutting piano and horns on Lee Baker and Laura Vane Master’s “Push Up the Beat” pulse beneath this indie true-crime caper about “Queens’ own Bonnie and Clyde,” played by Tony-winning Broadway actress Nina Arianda and Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Pitt. Find the song On SoundCloud.