Credit: Joseph Lederer/A&E

The first season of Bates Motel is coming to Netflix on Saturday, so you now have some weekend plans (unless there’s a big football game or something). So we jumped on the phone with creator Carlton Cuse to ask a few quick questions about the upcoming second season of the cult hit starring Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore as the oddest and scariest mother-son couple on TV. Bates Motel gets underway on A&E on March 3 (trailer below).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Body count: Higher or lower than season 1?

CARLTON CUSE: Um… you know, the body count is not extraordinarily high. But there’s definitely some mayhem that goes on in the town of White Pine Bay. I think one of the things that really distinguishes our show there’s a lot of humor which is not true of a lot of shows that deal with serial killers. It’s more of a family thriller than a horror show. Season 2 is very character-originated. There’s lot of stories about Norman’s love life and Norma’s love life and we learn a lot more about the world of White Pine Bay.

You say Norman and Norma’s love life as if they are two entirely different things. What are the odds the incest that we keep being teased with is going to be consummated?

Cuse: Odds are straight-up not high. There’s creepy and then there’s too creepy. While they have a close relationship that complicates everything, I think actually having them consummate the relationship will have them fall into category of too creepy — at least at this point.

So you explore other relationships?

Cuse: It’s fun to explore the depth to which they care about each other and the fact they’re so wrapped up with each other; it’s difficult for them to have other relationships. Norman gets involved with a girl that Norma just does not like and that’s a fun story to watch.

Will any of last season’s dead cast members will be back — in flashback or something?

Cuse: Oh, very good question. The audience will learn more about Miss Watson — Norman’s seductive school teacher. For audience members who are hoping she pops up again they may not be disappointed.

Anything else you want to reveal about season 2?

Cuse: It’s a fun spin on the show. The show is sunny, it’s summer. All external appearances are bright and cheery. We enjoy exploring our town and characters. There’s real twists and turns that come at the end of the season. I feel like the show is really hitting its stride.