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Alright, I’ll go ahead and say the two words everyone is freaking out about: Suicide Squad!!! After that episode, it seems highly likely that we’re close to a Suicide Squad-Team Arrow showdown of epic proportions. Oh, and to put a little icing on that cake, Sara is back, and according to the promos, she brought Nyssa al Ghul with her! Dig and Ollie really should’ve listened when Felicity suggested they get an X-Ray machine. But let’s not get caught up on the future and focus more on what. just. happened.

For starters, the Bronze Tiger was back in play after a very disgusting prison breakout sequence. He was hired to retrieve a prototype of the earthquake machine from Malcolm Merlyn’s old garage. And just like that, we had our episode’s villains. So what were our heroes up to? Well, the vigilante was training Roy in the art of control, a.k.a. introducing him to the slapping-water trick he himself had loathed on the island. The vigilante tried to explain what happened with Slade, but Roy couldn’t focus on anything other than his rage, a fact that was proven when he didn’t immediately recognize that it was Oliver standing in front of him. I would’ve spotted that jawline from a mile away, amirite people?

However, the good news about Ollie training Roy was that it encouraged him to get back to training as well. Everyone, let’s welcome back the salmon ladder, and more importantly, a shirtless Oliver! (I know Felicity was enjoying it.) Unfortunately, our enjoyment his workout was cut short when Ollie found out about the Bronze Tiger’s release. Reluctantly, the vigilante brought Roy along to Merlyn’s mansion to try and stop the Tiger. Sadly, Roy’s rage got the best of him, and when Arrow had to stop Roy from killing a man, the Tiger got away with the machine.

Across town, Moira was going on what could’ve been a date with Walter if it hadn’t been for the third wheel Walter brought along. To sum things up: If Blood became mayor, the city would go bankrupt soon after. They wanted Moira to run against him. Walter thought it was a good idea, and so did Thea, which meant that Moira was on board. But wait, did she just ask Walter to kill her doctor, the only other person to know of Thea’s real paternity? Slow it down, Moira. We’re trying to get away from killing people, remember? You’re a Queen, which means you want to SAVE this city, not FAIL it.

Speaking of failing, in our Laurel update of the week, she was still in her downward spiral. Not even a teary-eyed Quentin could pull her out of her pity party. Really? He just made me cry, and it’s not like he’s my father. She reluctantly agreed to dinner with him, but when he tried to surprise her with an AA meeting, she was done being daddy’s little girl. Besides, she already had a job interview lined up. Yeah, about that … the Bar Disciplinary Committee is undergoing proceedings to decide on Laurel’s “fitness to practice.” And you all know what that means — a potentially disbarred Laurel headed straight to a bar, Thea’s to be exact. With Ollie’s help, Thea called Laurel a cab, but what was that thing the man at the bar put in his coat pocket? It looked like a battery of some sort. Why do I feel like I missed something?

Finally, the Laurel saga ended with a great twist! Sara showed up at Laurel’s apartment after Oliver appeared to call her. Sister reunion?! Count me in!

But back to our other duo: Roy gave Ollie the “How do you lie to everyone you love?” speech before throwing his new mentor across the room and storming out. It was horrible timing as Ollie headed out to stop the prototype from being sent to Markovia, which comic fans know as the home of Geo-Force and Terra. More foreshadowing, perhaps?? Luckily for Geo-Force and Terra, the machine won’t reach their land. After Ollie got clawed in the back by the Tiger, Roy showed up. However, when the machine was detonated, Oliver had to find a way to distract Roy from his rage so that he could help destroy the machine. So how’d Ollie get his attention? He took. off. his. hood. Secret identity, consider yourself REVEALED!

Oliver told Roy that he needed his help to save Thea — who seemed to be the ultimate trick of persuasion this week — and together, they were able to save Starling City from earthquake number two. Welcome to the secret society, Roy. Or, as Felicity sometimes calls it, Team Arrow.

This week on the island, we watched as Slade continued to lose himself in his own rage. He wanted to blow up the boat, but Ollie reminded him that Shado loved him and wanted him to get off the island. Slade calmed down long enough to hear Ollie’s plan: They were going to steal the boat.

And in the final seconds of the show, Amanda Waller found the Bronze Tiger in prison and offered for him to be a part of her “squad,” but you all knew that already. So what did you think of the episode? Are you freaking out over the Suicide Squad? What about Sara’s return? And how will Moira’s running for mayor further mess with all things related to Blood and Slade? Surely this can’t be good. Sound off in the comments!


“I can’t wait to get attacked by a dog dish.” -Roy on being taught to hit water

Oliver: “You hacked into a prison system network?”

Felicity: “Is that judgment I’m hearing?”

Oliver: “Pride.”

“… Ben Turner, a.k.a Bronze Tiger, which BTW is a terrible nickname because tigers are not bronze.” -Felicity

Oliver: “You have one of your hoodies?”

Roy: “Do you seriously have to ask?”

“Uh oh, you got angry face.” -Felicity to Ollie

“600,000 people in Starling City, I’d think you could find someone not responsible for destroying it with an earthquake machine.” -Moira to Walter

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