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It simply wasn’t enough to terrorize Walking Dead fans via the original comic book and adapted TV series. Hence the birth (although “death” would really be more appropriate considering the subject matter) of The Walking Dead Escape zombie obstacle course in 2012, in which daring participants could navigate infected evacuation zones as either a zombie or a survivor. After its successful launch at San Diego’s Comic Con that year, the course spread like a virus, with three such incarnations last year, including one in New York City on the USS Intrepid.

Now, the zombies have continued to multiply as we can report that The Walking Dead Escape will indeed cross the country in 2014 with a full tour of terror, commencing April 24 in Baton Rouge, LA. “The Walking Dead Escape is something that’s been an absolute massive hit for us,” Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman told EW. “It was immensely popular at New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con, and now we’re going wide with it. It’s a fun way to spend the afternoon, especially if you’re a big Walking Dead fan. It’s an experience unlike anywhere else. You can live the kind of things you see in the comics and show and go to a place and get chased by zombies. Or go to a place and watch your friends get chased by zombies. And nobody gets eaten, which is the best of both worlds!”

So which way does Kirkman prefer to navigate his way through the zombie-infested obstacle course: sprinting or slow and steady? “I go very slowly through it. These are slow zombies. You can run your way through it and do really well, or you can take your time and maneuver your way through it. You can use your muscles and you can use your brain.” Mmmmmm…braaaaaaaaaaains. Below are the dates, cities, and venues announced so far, with more to come.


Baton Rouge, LA – April 24th at Baton Rouge River Center Arena

Houston, TX – April 26th at Reliant Stadium

Miami, FL – May 3rd at Sun Life Stadium

Tampa, FL – May 10th at USF Sun Dome

Jacksonville, FL – May 17th at EverBank Field

New Orleans, LA – May 24th at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Atlanta, GA – May 31st at Philips Arena

San Diego, CA – July 25th and 26th at Petco Park surrounding Comic Con 2014

For more information and tickets, check out The Walking Dead Escape web page…if you dare.

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