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Of all the witches I’ve met, I’m not sure which one is technically the most powerful — probably Esther, right? — but regardless, I have to say that Papa Tunde is probably the show’s most badass. First of all, his name is Papa Tunde and he walks around town in a white suit and a yellow/gold bow tie. And his favorite accessory? Oh yeah, it’s a (matching) boa constrictor. As if that wasn’t enough to make me bow down, the man might have just made a blade that can kill an Original. Okay, so he’s a badass, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily like his work. Let’s dig in!

We kicked things off with a flashback to Papa Tunde’s first arrival in New Orleans 100 years ago. He took over as the leader of the French Quarter witches, during which he introduced us (and the Mikaelsons) to sacrificial magic. His first meeting with Klaus and Elijah — who was rocking a beige three-piece suit — ended with him delivering the head of the city’s mayor. Fast forward a little bit, and Klaus would give Papa Tunde a delivery of his own: The heads of Papa Tunde’s twin sons, from whom he drew power. Then, Klaus gauged Papa’s eyes out. Now in the 21st Century, we could understand why Papa Tunde was ready for revenge. And his first step was taking down an Original. But which one? That was TBD.

With Marcel still hurting over the loss of Davina, Klaus decided to release Thierry from the garden. You see, Klaus was in a good mood after his latest visit to Mystic Falls (and for damn good reason!). However, Klaus’ gesture was lost on Marcel, who decided to take a personal (read: drinking) day. Klaus’ sort-of son parked himself on a bar stool next to Cami, where the two talked Davina, and flirted briefly before Marcel told her a little story. Cue the flashback!

Marcel arrived back in New Orleans after having served in WWI. *Brief pause to recognize how good that man looks in a uniform* However, when he tried to get Rebekah’s attention, she was still hung up on the you-left-me-in-a-box-for-52-years issue. So instead of dealing with the female Mikaelson, Marcel found NiKlaus and Elijah at the bar, discussing how to deal with Papa Tunde. Should they use discretion or do things Klaus’ way? Well, we know how that ended.

Back in present day, Elijah, who was finally back in his suit and tie, begged Rebekah not to provoke Klaus, but she had already put Thierry to work. He took her to the docks, where something witchy had clearly gone down. And just like that, Papa Tunde took Rekebah, desiccated her, carved some symbol into her head, and stole her power. See why he’s so badass? With the power of an Original under his belt, Big Papa was ready to get started. His next step: attacking Marcel.

At the house, Elijah was busy trying to balance being a good big brother and a good almost-lover. After Rebekah wouldn’t pick up her phone, he took Hayley with him on a mission to find out what had gone wrong. They went to the docks, but the circle Rebekah was in had a boundary spell on it. They couldn’t get in. Enter witchy knowledge that I’ll never fully understand: A witch’s blood could kill the boundary spell and allow them inside. With the baby being one-fourth witch, Hayley offered her wrist, and Elijah BIT IT! Guys, we still have yet to see Elijah’s vampire face, but was this the first time we’ve ever seen him use his fangs (even if we didn’t see actual fangs)?! We are one step closer, and I’m way too excited about this!!

Fangs or no fangs, the blood worked, and Elijah grabbed Rebekah just in time. Papa Tunde, after nearly killing Marcel, was about to take down Klaus when Elijah woke Bekah up. Papa Tunde got out of there, and Klaus ran straight to Marcel. Cami offered Marcel her neck, which prompted what I could’ve sworn was a look of jealously on Klaus’ face. Klaus, I love you and Cami, but you just got some good lovin’ in Mystic Falls, so there’s no need to be selfish.

And finally, we learned Marcel’s secret! You know, the one Rebekah told him would make Klaus hate him forever. In another yummy flashback, Marcel told Rebekah that he had been the one to bring Papa Tunde to town the first time. He’d hoped that Papa’s presence would make Klaus flee, allowing Marcel to try and win Rebekah back. Swept up in the romance of Marcel being willing to lose everything for her, we learned that it was Rebekah’s idea to find her father and bring him to town 100 years ago. They had been the reason that Klaus had to flee his home. Tisk, tisk, kiddies. This can’t end well.

In one final speech, Klaus told his followers to either fight or flee. Thierry and a handful of others left, but a good half of the vamps chose to stay. Although I’m not sure they have enough for the kind of fight they’re facing. After Papa Tunde killed all the vampires in Marcel’s garden, he channeled all that power into his blade, claiming it was now ready to “do things worse than death” even to an Original. And with one final sacrifice — Papa Tunde himself — Celeste had the most powerful weapon this show’s seen yet.

What did you all think of the episode? Will Marcel find a way to bring Davina back? What is Celeste’s plan against the vampires? Are you as sad as I am to see Papa Tunde — and his un-snappable neck — go? Finally, did Elijah’s hair look better 100 years ago or now? There’s no way I can decide. Sound off in the comments!


Marcel: “You gonna open this place today?”

Cami: “And risk you eating the clientele?”

Sophie: “Big bad Klaus Mikaelson.”

Klaus: “Sophie, just the witch I was looking to brutalize.”

“My sister’s rather fond of you. Strange, she’s not typically drawn to unremarkable men.” -Elijah to Thierry

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