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Can’t get enough of Gravity Falls’ lovable and ever-quirky Mabel? The Disney Channel’s got a treat for you: Mabel’s getting her own series of shorts premiering February 3. Called Mabel’s Guide to Life, the shorts will feature her video blogging and giving her fans advice on topics like dating, fashion, and, most important of all, stickers. They’ll air at 7:55 p.m. ET after episodes of Gravity Falls, the hit animated show about twins Mabel and Dipper having a mysterious and wild summer at their Great Uncle’s home.

We talked to Kristen Schaal, the voice behind Mabel, to hear about her own summers as a kid (spoiler: they involved a potentially murderous doll) and to get her own tips on how to eat “healthy” and why it shouldn’t be so hard to get through Mondays. Turns out we should all go to Schaal the next time we need advice. Check out our interview and an exclusive clip from the new shorts below:

Since Gravity Falls is about this brother and sister going off for a crazy summer vacation, did you ever have any particularly interesting summers as a kid?

I remember I had nightmares a lot about my doll coming to life and killing me so sometimes I would just hang out outside under the tree all day until my mom came home from work. You know, just fun summer times! [Laughs] You know everybody had that one doll they thought was gonna kill them, but then when you’re alone in the summer and you wake up from a nightmare of your doll that’s going to kill you, that’s it. Where do you go? You’re trapped on a farm, and there’s a doll in the house that’s going to kill you. What do you do?

What did this doll look like?

It looked very real, and she had a very real face. So she was probably a perfectly fine doll but my brother told me this story about a haunted doll where if you touch it three times it comes to life and scratches your eyes out. So all the sudden I just sort of projected that story onto this doll. And I just couldn’t move her, touch her. That doll is probably innocent.

The shorts are called Mabel’s Guide to Life, so we want to get Kristen’s guide to life. We’ll give you topics and you give us advice. Let’s start with dating.

Okay, so my advice for dating is to not settle. Like, if you’re not finding yourself happy with the individual, if you’re bored, or, you know, it’s just not working out and you’ve given it a couple shots, then be alone. Because it’s more fun to be alone than it is to settle.


I’ve just gotten into cooking and I was very afraid of it. And it took a long time for me to get the confidence. So I would say get one recipe that’s easy that tastes good to you and just do it over and over until you don’t have to look at the recipe book anymore, and then you can start adding your own things and just perfect that one simple recipe. But definitely go for it.

What’s your favorite thing to cook right now?

The recipe I learned how to do is just the classic crispy chicken. Dip it in you know, Egg Beaters, for health, bread crumbs, and then fry it up in oil and butter. But you’ve got the Egg Beater, so you’re fine! [Laughs]

Waking up early.

I think the worst part for me about waking up early is that I stress out about it the night before. Waking up early equals a night-before-ruiner. But! When I wake up early, I love it. Because it’s like, you own the world before anyone else is awake.

Do you have to wake up early a lot for your multiple jobs?

That’s right. Put that in there! So. Busy. Can hardly get ahold of her on the phone.

She had five phones to her ear!

Every word went to a different reporter.

What a talent.

And it all made sense!

Getting through a sad day.

If I have something bothering me, it doesn’t matter who you are, you could be my husband or my checkout clerk, I’m just like letting it out. Which is bad! I should probably hire a therapist. [Laughs] But why would I when I have so many available ears? But as soon as I say it, then all the sudden I feel like I have more control over what’s bugging me. Then I feel better. So I would say definitely just allow yourself to feel sad and then put it outside of you so you can really get a good look at what it is.


I just, I’ve never understood it! I think Mondays are so cool! Anything can happen this week! You just don’t even know. And it’s probably gonna be great. Monday’s great. Me and Garfield would not hang out. We would not get along.

That’s too bad, it could have been a beautiful friendship.

He’d be out of commission on Monday, and I would… but we would have lasagna on Sunday and that would be fine. [Pauses] Why does Garfield hate Mondays?! He doesn’t even work!

What kind of great things can we expect from the shorts?They’re really fun. People who love Mabel’s goofy, carefree, enthusiastic, sunshine-y vibe, it’s just going to be that in your face. Just in. Your. Face.

Have anything you want to add?

I just spilled everything! I’m empty.

You gave such great advice, you gave such good stories. That was perfect.

Yeah, this Entertainment Weekly, this is gonna change lives. I’m pretty psyched.

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