By Hillary Busis
January 29, 2014 at 03:36 PM EST
Ida Mae Astute/ABC
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John “The Milkman” Stamos, Dave “The Paperboy” Coulier, and Bob “The Evening TV” Saget aren’t just former Full House castmates — by all appearances, they’re also legitimately close pals who were truly thrilled to reunite for a 30-second yogurt commercial. Evidence: Yesterday, the trio had a bromantic night out on the town in New York City…

…before strutting onto the set of Good Morning America earlier today.

The guys were predictably jokey and charming on GMA, taking pains both to assure us that yes, they really do hang out and to plug each others’ non-yogurt-related projects. (Stamos has an upcoming movie called My Man Is a Loser; Saget’s comedy album That’s What I’m Talkin’ About just got nominated for a Grammy; Coulier… is looking forward to seeing Jagged Little Pill on Broadway, maybe.) And at one point, Stamos also pulled down his pants to reveal his Dannon Oikos boxers. That, my friends, is a dedicated pitchman.

Then GMA tried to get the dudes to play a Full House trivia game, though Coulier, of all people, was the only one who took it semi-seriously. Saget kept cracking “no homo” jokes; Stamos answered every question with shoutouts to GMA‘s other big guest, Rihanna. Still not nearly as awkward as that time Today surprised Tiffani Thiessen by inviting Dennis Haskins to play ’90s TV trivia with her, though.

And, for good measure, here is a wonderful still of Rihanna photobombing the Housemates. TV is weird. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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