Two of Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic stars have signed on for the sequel, but some of the Dollangangers will be played by doppelgangers.

First, those loving moms will return: Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn have just closed deals to reprise their roles as Corrine Dollanganger and Olivia Foxworth, respectively, in Petals on the Wind. We’re told Burstyn’s role will be smaller this time compared to the first film.

Both actresses were expected and certainly hoped-for by fans to appear in the sequel, yet their return did not seem fully certain given producers’ plans to take a different approach to adapting the second book in V.C. Andrews’ bestselling gothic-romance series. While the 1980 Petals book picks up right after the events in Flowers, Lifetime’s movie will jump 10 years ahead.

Also, we hear Dylan Bruce (Bart Winslow) is expected to return. But as previously reported, the Dollanganger kids are currently being recast with older actors.

Lifetime ordered the sequel before the first film premiered. Flowers in the Attic was a ratings sensation for the cable network, delivering 6.1 million viewers earlier this month. If you don’t mind spoilers, definitely check out Hillary Busis’ post running down all the lurid fun that you can expect in Petals.