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Creatively, Arrow’s second season has soared like an arrow shot from Oliver Queen’s quiver. And if star Stephen Amell is to believed (he is) the last batch of episodes in the show’s second season are only going to get better.

Amell took some time out of his busy schedule of filming, auditioning (hmm…), and doing push-ups to talk to EW about the rest of the season to come — and tell us everything he could about the highly anticipated Flash pilot. His answer regarding the latter might surprise you.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At the end of last week’s episode, Oliver officially agreed to help Roy navigate the waters of his new situation. Talk to me about their dynamic.

STEPHEN AMELL: Well, I don’t suspect that Oliver is going to be the most patient of teachers. He has trouble being a teacher at the best of times. So he’s going to try to teach Roy but what he’s really trying to do in the early going is control him because he doesn’t trust Roy if left to his own devices because of his history with Slade Wilson and what he saw become of Slade on the island. It’s going to be interesting. I don’t think that trying to control him is one of the best things. And I think it’s going to have disastrous results. But we will see.

Does it seem to you that we’re setting the stage for that sidekick-mentor relationship to happen sooner rather than later?

I’d love for that to happen. I love Colton. Colton is a great guy. So if he was my sidekick or my partner or my superior — I don’t know how they’re going to do it — I get to spend more time with Colton. And that’s fine by me. And the iconography of the show and the character, Roy Haper in any iteration of the Arrow universe goes on a pretty interesting journey. So however it’s going to be explored I’m just excited that we’re going to get to explore it.

In last week’s episode, Oliver had a scene where he admitted that Laurel is his blindspot. Can you talk about their relationship going forward?

We are really continuing to tell [Laurel’s] story in [episodes] 12, 13, and 14. It culminates in 14 in a scene between Oliver and Laurel that, for me, I think — I reserve to change my mind — it might be my most favorite scene we’ve ever shot on the show. It’s a new kind of scene for Oliver and Katie was fantastic in it. I can’t wait for people to see it.

New in a romantic way?

Just new. Let’s call it new and leave it at that.

We haven’t seen too much Queen family drama in the most recent episodes, how would you characterize Oliver’s family situation right now and in episodes to come?

Oh my God, it’s not good. It’s really about to get, actually, quite bad. We don’t focus on it as much in episode 12, but it is in the forefront in the remainder of the season. In episode 13, things take a turn and we continue to explore that storyline. I was very very proud of this string of episodes we have coming up. I think they are exceptional. We are unearthing some things in these episodes that I think people are anticipating that they will be paid off at the end of the season. And we are just ripping them off right now, which is the style of our show. We plow ahead and worry about our pace later. Fans are in for a real treat over the next couple of episodes.

Can you say anything about the impending Slade showdown and when we might see that?

We are obviously heading toward a showdown. They are not going to both exist in Starling City and not run into each other. That would be insane. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I hope it happens before the end of the season. And Manu Bennett is only the most intense guy in the entire world. So if we eventually have to throw down, that dance will not be for the weak of heart.

We heard the Huntress is back in episode 17. What can you say?

Apparently the title of the episode we’re shooting right now is top secret. But there will be a hint given to what that title could be [tonight].

Lastly, I have to ask, quite a few names are being added to the Flash pilot. Any chance we’ll see Oliver among the guest appearances?

Oh, the Flash pilot is top secret. I haven’t even read the Flash pilot. I can’t even get myself a copy of the Flash pilot. It’s my understanding that they are minted and watermarked and the pages are red. I’d just like to read it! But whether or not I’m involved, I’m very excited for Grant. It’s a funny thing. He’s his own man and he’s going to do his own thing. But it’s funny to think back to two years ago, right around this time — it would have been two years ago right around now, almost to the day — when I went in to read for Arrow. So just to think about the things that I’ve gotten to experience over the past few years. Knowing — because I know that show is going to be a huge success — all of the things he has in store for himself, I’m envious.

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