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Alone Yet Not Alone

Alone Yet Not Alone has some company.

The obscure religious drama, which had its Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song revoked over allegations of improper campaigning, is one of the few films in history to suffer such a fate.

In one case, the film actually won the Oscar — and the victory was overturned after the fact and awarded to the runner-up. And in another — the earliest in the organization history — no one is sure why the film was rejected from consideration.

UPDATED: While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences disputes that some crediting and nominating issues of the past amount to a revoked nomination, here are some they cite as examples of contenders whose shots at the trophy were brought to a halt:


LIVE-ACTION SHORT FILM: Tuba Atlantic — Hallvar Witzø, director

“After the awards ceremony on February 26, 2012, the Academy was made aware that “Tuba Atlantic” had been shown on Norwegian television in 2010, making the film ineligible for the 84th Awards under the rules governing the category. In July 2012, the nomination was rescinded by the Board of Governors,” an Academy exec explained.


FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: A Place in the World – (Uruguay)

“After nominations were announced, information came to light that showed that this film was wholly produced in Argentina, and had insufficient Uruguayan artistic control. The film was declared ineligible and removed from the final ballot.”


ORIGINAL SCORE: The Godfather — Nino Rota, composer

The haunting score for the the crime family epic was originally nominated, but ended up not being included among the final contenders after it was learned that Rota had used part of the theme in the 1958 comedy Fortunella. The nomination was not technically revoked, however. The music branch hosted a revote, which included The Godfather score and five other finalists: Ben, Fellini’s Roma, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The Other, and Sleuth. Rota didn’t make the cut after this second ballot. Rota did get a nomination — and won — for The Godfather II two years later. The Academy does not consider the original nod an “official” nomination, and so did not include it when asked about past bids that were revoked.


DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Young Americans — Robert Cohn and Alex Grasshoff, producers

“At the 41st Awards ceremony on April 14, 1969, Young Americans was announced as the winner of the Documentary Feature Oscar. On May 7, 1969, the film was declared ineligible after it was revealed that the film had played in October of 1967, therefore ineligible for a 1968 Award. The first runner-up, Journey into Self, was awarded the statuette on May 8, 1969.”


(Correction: The ceremony was held in 1932, but eligibility didn’t follow the calendar year. Films screened between August 1, 1931 and July 31, 1932 were able to compete.)

SHORT SUBJECT – COMEDY: Stout Hearts and Willing Hands — RKO Radio

“Originally announced as one of the nominees in this category, but before the final voting was done, this film was disqualified and was replaced by another RKO Radio short, Scratch-As-Catch-Can. No documentation has been found as to why this film was disqualified.”

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