Credit: Lucasfilm

Is this the droid you’re looking for?

Meet Chopper, a new droid character for Disney XD’s upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. He’s described as “a lazy, cranky (if ultimately goodhearted) astromech droid” who is an “an essential crew member of the Ghost, tasked with keeping the starship running and operable for its band of heroes. In reality, thanks to his many “unique” upgrades and customizations, no other alien, human, or droid could handle the job.”

The design of Chopper — a.k.a. “C1-10P” — is based on early Star Wars concept art for R2-D2 by artist Ralph McQuarrie (“If R2 is your favorite dog, Chopper’s a cat,” says exec producer Dave Filoni below). Star Wars Rebels is set four years before the events in A New Hope. Star Wars Rebels premieres this fall. This marks the second new character revealed for the series (the first is here). Bonus: A behind the scenes video clip of Chopper’s creation: