Near the beginning of last Sunday’s all new Good Luck Charlie, parents Bob and Amy Duncan briefly tangle over who, exactly, is coming over for a playdate with their daughter Charlie. Amy says she’s invited a kid named Taylor and his parents, including his mother Susan. Bob says that he’s also met Taylor’s mother — but he could swear her name is Cheryl.

There’s some classic sitcom back-and-forth arguing before the doorbell rings and the truth is revealed: Taylor has two mothers. And perhaps more importantly, the show treats this fact like it’s no big deal. (Taylor and Charlie’s playdate isn’t even the episode’s A-plot; instead, most of the half-hour revolves around big sister Teddy and her best friend Ivy, who’s preparing to leave for college.)

As a Disney Channel spokesperson told TV Guide back in June, when the episode was first announced, the storyline was developed “under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisers. [And] like Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.” And while the anti-gay group One Million Moms was predictably up in arms about the episode — “Just because something may be legal or because some are choosing a lifestyle doesn’t make it morally correct,” the group wrote in an anti-Charlie letter in June — others have lauded Disney for its forward thinking, including Miley Cyrus:

Good Luck Charlie airs its next — and final — episode on Feb. 16.

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