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The whispers out of Disney are strong on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that buzz just got a dose of super-soldier serum.

Marvel Studios is clearly so happy with how the April 4 film is shaping up that they’re already talking about hiring the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, for another go-’round with the red, white, and blue hero.

The Russo brothers were unlikely choices for the action-adventure, having directed mainly television comedies such as Community and Arrested Development, as well as the 2002 feature film Welcome to Colinwood and 2006’s You, Me, and Dupree. But their work on Winter Soldier has been so strong, sources close to the production confirm to EW they are already in early talks for a Captain America 3.

Marvel tends not to double-down on directors. Lately, the films in its superhero franchise tend to be made by filmmakers who are “one and done,” with only Jon Favreau (who made the first two Iron Man films) and Joss Whedon (working on his Avengers sequel Age of Ultron) returning for encores.

Although the Russos’ credits were primarily in TV, having won an Emmy for making the pilot to Arrested Development, they always brought an epic, big-screen approach to their shows — such as Anthony’s “Basic Rocket Science” episode of Community, and Joe’s “A Fistful of Paintballs” from the same show.

Marvel never comments on films that are in development, but if this does come to pass we now know at least one sure-thing joining 2015’s Ant-Man in the studio’s Phase 3 slate of movies.

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