Last week’s X-Men teaser promised an in-depth look at Days of Future Past, this summer’s hotly-anticipated reunion prebootquel. Sure enough, director/pitchman Bryan Singer and the X-cast have teamed up with Empire magazine to unveil 25 magazine covers featuring the sprawling cast of characters who occupy Future Past‘s two timelines.

The most notable revelation is a full-sized Sentinel, one of several mutant-hunting megadroids who torment the X-Men throughout the generations.

The sinewy look of Singer’s Future Past Sentinel marks a distinct departure from the old-school Sentinel design. By way of comparison, here is the Sentinel who stands guard outside my office, shown here with his pal Lil’ Spider-Man.

Then there’s the first shot of new X actor Evan Peters in his full Quicksilver costume. Cool goggles, bro!

And remember Toad? No? Well, he’s back!

So is William Stryker, the bad guy in X-Men 2 and in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. To recap, William Stryker has been played onscreen by more people than Wonder Woman.

More covers will appear throughout the day.

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