By James Hibberd
Updated January 27, 2014 at 03:15 PM EST

Gladiators, pirates and now … ballerinas?

You bet. Starz just ordered a new drama series titled Flesh and Bone which follows a young ballet dancer, Claire, with a troubled past who joins a prestigious ballet company in New York. Naturally, the ballet scene is presented as “dark and gritty” and the show will “unflinchingly explore the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world.” The project is from Moira Walley-Beckett, who was a writer-producer on Breaking Bad.

Dancer Sarah Hay (Black Swan) has been cast in the lead role. “Finding the perfect Claire has been an almost impossible task,” Walley-Beckett said. “It was truly like looking for a unicorn because the demands of the role are so specific and challenging. I was looking for a beautiful and transcendent ballerina who is not only a brilliant dancer but also a gifted actress, and who also possesses a fierce curiosity and enthusiasm about the brave demands of the work. Sarah Hay embodies the role of Claire just as I dreamt her.” The series will premiere on Starz next year.