The day after the Grammys is big for any music fan, so it makes perfect sense that Monday would be the first day for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ new digital cable music channel, Revolt TV, to go live with its first show, aptly titled Revolt Live.

From the channel’s new Hollywood studio, you can see the Hollywood sign perfectly framed in the background. And the setting is fitting — Revolt Live aims to be the music lover’s version of Sportscenter, giving fans the latest music news of the day as it happens; the show also features in-studio performances and interviews. For the first show, rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mack Wilds both made an appearance in the studio while Bastille, fresh off their SNL performance this past weekend, and Knicks player J.R. Smith were interviewed live from New York.

Using the same technology as news channels like CNN, Revolt employs a large touch screen with a constant Twitter flow to allow fans to directly engage with hosts Sibley and DJ Damage. Fans can also be a part of the conversation by Skyping in from home and sharing their thoughts about the music world. Revolt Live will air two live shows a night at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, with news and events being updated as they are happening. Revolt also has 10 music-loving correspondents, or “Voices of Revolt,” based in New York and Los Angeles, most of whom fit neatly into the channel’s 18-25 core demographic. The lineup includes Mr. Combs’ stepson Quincy and Paige O’Donnell, who was picked from over 15,000 submissions in a global social media search. Social media plays a huge role in the new network, so every member of the team has to not only know how to use tools like Twitter and Instagram, but also how to determine what makes something viral.

In between broadcasts, Revolt is celebrating what music television once was — a place to watch music videos. They are filling the channel with hours of music videos in their schedule on top of the planned shows. Revolt’s first week is also celebrating the Super Bowl in New York with Big Game Week at the Time Warner Cable studios, and wrapping up with a concert on Saturday, Feb. 1 featuring Drake and Diddy.

But Revolt knows that music has no geographical boundaries and it will soon embark on a grassroots campaign traveling around the country to influential music cities, exploring the culture and history of each town as well as producing live segments from places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Nashville, and ending in Austin for the South by Southwest festival in March.