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January 23, 2014 at 07:06 AM EST

The lesson tonight was clear: Drugs are bad. Popping pills will get you fired, and mirakuru — basically the heroin of Starling City if we’re making a scale — will make you nearly kill a prostitute-murdering lawyer. Okay, so that gets complicated, but remember: Just say no to drugs! Somebody really should get some D.A.R.E. classes introduced to Starling City’s schools. And with that, let’s move on.

Jumping into the episode, we kicked things off on a creepy and very rainy note. My roommate and I, both having watched The Originals last night, made simultaneous “Davina is dying” jokes. No? Guess you had to be there. Anyway, Brother Blood visited his aunt mother at the institution to find out what she told Laurel, which was pretty much everything. With tears in his eyes, Blood told his mom that he forgave her. Sadly, the skull mask did not agree. It was lights out for Mother Blood.

Meanwhile, Laurel, the woman in question, wanted to get Adam on her side. But when he wasn’t having any of her begging, the pill-popping business lady only had one option: She got her father to call the vigilante. Laurel informed Arrow of Blood’s connection to Cyrus Gold before she played the he-killed-his-father card. Oliver didn’t know who to believe, but he knew that they needed to look at Blood’s father’s file. But thanks to the fact that the file was almost 30 years old, they needed to get a hard copy, which meant Arrow needed Laurel’s help. A bunch of cops, even more files, and one trip out a window later, they had nothing. Someone had gotten to the file first.

Spoiler: It was Slade! He told Blood to take care of Laurel. Next thing we knew, Officer Dealy — Blood’s inside man — was arresting Laurel for possession of a controlled substance. That’s when we found out that they were Quentin’s pills she’d been stealing, and let’s just say he was not a proud papa at that point.

Across town, also dealing with drug issues, Roy showed Sin his new-found strength. The duo agreed that it was Roy’s turn to protect the city, even without the vigilante. Long story short: Roy caught a murderer, but instead of scaring him, he let his rage get the best of him and nearly killed the guy (plus, he hit Sin!). Roy needs help, and Arrow is just the guy to help him! It’s about time these Christmas-colored hoods joined forces!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Still dealing with Laurel’s drama, Oliver tried to be there for his friend. It was a sweet gesture that ended with an unconscious Ollie and a kidnapped Laurel. It’s the thought that counts though, right? Whatever, Arrow was off to the Starling City Cannery. There, Arrow and the skull mask got into a heck of a fight before Laurel came to the rescue with a hand gun. She shot the man in the skull mask — a lot — before they removed the mask to find Officer Dealy. Now, everyone believes Dealy was the mastermind and they feel bad for not trusting Blood. Really guys? Have you seen Blood’s smile? It’s kinda creepy. And as Felicity so elegantly put it, “His last name is Blood. That can’t be a good sign.”

At the police station, Adam found Laurel and told her that they were dropping the possession charges, and seeing as how she shot Dealy in self-defense, she wouldn’t be charged. The bad news is that she’s fired. But hey, at least she gets a nice severance package, which is more than we can say for Blood. You know what his severance package is if he screws up again? According to Deathstroke, who made his first official appearance in all of his one-eyed, crazy-strong glory, Blood was one screw-up away from death. So count your blessings, Laurel! At least Adam’s a better boss than Deathstroke.

This week, on the island, we found out that Laurel only started dating Ollie after she found out Sara had a crush on him — teen drama says what? — and that Ivo is a very unpleasant man who wants to show Sara and Oliver what “real torture” is. Also, what was all that talk about how Sara had saved him and how the darkness was threatening him again? Darkness like depression or something with a face (or a mask)?

So what did you all think of the episode? Personally, I’m ready for more Deathstroke. I’m also dreading Laurel without a job or a mission to keep her busy. We got a tiny glimpse of the old her tonight, but she’s about ready to crumble. Speaking of which, how much longer can Ollie and Quentin lie to her about Sara? And finally, Oliver’s hair hasn’t changed at all since he arrived on the island, so do we think he cuts it to remain that awful length? Sound off in the comments!

Billionaire Oliver Queen — under the vigilante persona of Arrow — tries to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills of society.
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