Stan Lee
Credit: Kerry Hayes

Stan Lee spent 2013 continuing the ongoing story of the time-traveling con man who appears in every Marvel movie, this time popping up in Iron Man 3 as a beauty pageant judge and Thor: The Dark World as a patient in a mental institution. 2014 will see the release of four Marvel-based movies…but Lee will definitely not appear in one of them. In an interview with Ora TV’s “DweebCast,” Lee admits that he will not appear in the space oddity Guardians of the Galaxy. “This is the one group that I didn’t create,” says Lee. “I’m not even sure who they all are.” So there you have it: Stan Lee knows exactly as much about Guardians of the Galaxy as you do.

Lee also goes boldly against the current of popular opinion, saying that he thinks Ben Affleck will make a good Batman. “He’s much better than most people think he is,” says Lee, noting that the recent Best Picture winner “didn’t do quite as well in Daredevil as everyone hoped he would.” He does not address the rumor that in all of his Marvel cameos he is actually playing an incarnation of the Beyonder, which in fairness is a rumor that just started in this sentence. Watch the interview below:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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