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The Originals

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Guys, I am so into this show! We all knew I was obsessed with Elijah, but it’s more than that now. I love the witty banter between the siblings. I love the relationships. I love the shocking twists. I love the family drama. I love the WITCHES! And in what was possibly the best episode yet, those witches were on full display. Let’s get to it!

Things kicked off with Elijah (and his sexy voice) giving us a witchy history lesson in an attempt to figure out why Davina had been drawing his ex-lover, Celeste, and calling her evil. Unfortunately, nobody knew the answer to that, but after Hayley let it slip that she had invaded Elijah’s privacy and told Sophie the location of Celeste’s bones, it was time to get the witches involved to help solve the mystery. Well, there was that, and also the tiny fact that Davina had started coughing up dirt and literally causing earthquakes that affected the entire city. As Klaus put it, “Young, old, dead, or alive, witches are a pain in the ass.” (But I love them.)

At the cemetery, Sophie told Sabine that she had found a way to complete the harvest. If she consecrated a powerful witch’s bones, she could absorb her power, become an elder, and complete the harvest. It was a plan she took with her when Elijah brought her back to their house. According to Sophie, they needed to complete the harvest right away. The earthquake was a sign that Davina’s power was tearing her apart. At the harvest, she had absorbed the power of the three girls who died before her. It was more power than any one person was ever meant to hold, and if they didn’t complete the harvest, Davina’s death would occur in four stages — earth, wind, water, and fire. Each stage would be worse than the one before it, eventually burning the entire city to the ground. So as Sophie went off to do some consecrating, Rebekah sedated Davina — apparently freaking out about Tim’s death is what caused this whole thing. Somebody get that girl to a yoga class ASAP!

Marcel wasn’t quick to jump on board — he was still very protective of Davina — and eventually decided to steal her away. And when consecrating Celeste’s bones didn’t work, the rain picked up, and people started to panic. But don’t worry. Elijah had an idea. Turns out, having a sadistic brother has its perks, because Klaus still had their mother’s body in a casket in the basement. For those of you who don’t know Esther from her days on The Vampire Diaries, she was the most powerful witch pretty much of all time. But when she decided that no one should live as long as her children had and that they were abominations, she tried to link them and kill them (and therefore kill all vampires ever created). Long story short: She failed and is now dead. But now she’s useful again! Yay!

Elijah claimed that if they buried their mother on the land of one of her descendants — Hayley’s baby — that she would become a New Orleans witch and share in ancestral magic. They could then channel their mother’s magic to Sophie, who would complete the harvest. Next step: Get Marcel to let go of his precious Davina. It wasn’t easy, but after tears were shed, Davina told Marcel she was ready. At this point, if you don’t have a box of tissues next to you, I’d suggest grabbing one.

With the other three girls prepped and ready (and looking really good for having died months ago), Marcel carried Davina to the ceremony. *Special shout out to the visual effects team, because the fire following behind Marcel as he walked was one of my favorite moments yet, and it’s going to be hard to top.* Out in the pouring rain, everyone watched as Sophie cut Davina’s throat. Marcel caught her and held her as she took her last breath. Moments later, Sophie prepared to resurrect all four girls. But when she called out to the ancestors, nothing happened. Sophie broke down and cried next to her niece’s body as Marcel stomped off. Honestly guys, get some tissues.

Klaus found Marcel destroying things at the house. Marcel blamed Klaus, but Klaus did the one thing you never expected him to. He hugged Marcel. “You may think I know nothing of your grief, but you are wrong,” Klaus told him. He then explained that in the days after he and his family fled New Orleans all those years ago, he had thought Marcel was dead. Klaus wasn’t able to speak Marcel’s name for years. Now, Klaus held Marcel as he cried and apologized for his loss. And for the first time ever, I can see Klaus Mikaelson as a father. Between that moment and the fact that he had his wolfy ancestors take refuge in the church, there might be hope for Klaus after all. Seriously, tissues! And while you’re at it, I’d grab a cold glass of water for this next part.

On their own, Elijah explained to Hayley that he had only been in love twice in 1,000 years — Celeste and Katherine? Or Tatia? — and that when he finds it, he honors it. Instead of backing down, Hayley gave him a speech about living in the now and acting on feelings before she tried to walk away. But he stopped her and pulled her in close. The two shared the hottest almost-kiss we’ve seen yet. With the way he was looking at her, I have to give Hayley major props for being able to stand afterward, much less walk away. I think that might’ve been hotter than if they’d actually kissed. *Insert reading pause so you can rewind the moment and take a sip of your water.*

At the end of the day, Klaus believed that the harvest ritual didn’t work and the witches had lost their power. But Rebekah was curious about something. What happened to the power? If four girls were supposed to be resurrected and it didn’t work, where did that power go? The answer? Into Sabine, who was busy using that power to resurrect three other, much older witches. Only, her name wasn’t Sabine. After a year of being called that, she was ready for someone to call her by her real name: Celeste. Say whaa?! Did anyone else notice the moment Sabine/Celeste shared with Elijah earlier in the episode when he was waxing poetic about love and she looked a little weak in the knees? I wondered if there was something there, and now I know why! This is going to be one interesting love triangle, and I’m just happy Elijah’s at the middle of it!

What did you all think of the episode? Did Marcel make you cry? Is Klaus becoming a better person? Does the fact that Celeste resurrected only three witches mean she could still bring my sweet Davina back? And when will poor Thierry get out of the garden? Sound off in the comments!


“If you were trying to win the girl’s trust, perhaps poisoning her one true love was not the most splendid idea.” -Elijah to Klaus

Elijah: “Not a people person are you, Niklaus?”

Klaus: “Nonsense, I love people.”

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