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I can feel it in the air. Something big is about to go down in Rosewood. Not only is Ezra yelling at random blondes in the middle of the street, but he’s slipping knives into Jake’s punching bag! I told you he was getting sloppier. Not to mention the fact that Ali is back, Hanna is breaking things, and Spencer seems to be spiraling (again). The storm is brewing, Liars! This should be fun.

All in all, each of the Liars had their own storyline tonight. After they realized that Ali had been staying at the Busy Bee Inn before “A” chased her off, they each went off to deal with their own trauma. We’ll start with Hanna, who was still trying to hide her post-breakup woes. First up, she cleaned out her closet — literally. She threw away all of Caleb’s favorite skirts, favorite dresses, favorite anythings. Then, she invited Travis over to give him back him umbrella play a game of pool, after which she attacked him with her lips. Sadly for Travis, the make-out session expired shortly after it started when Ashley came home and took her daughter out for some of the best therapy Rosewood had to offer: Throwing plates against a wall. Surprisingly, it worked. Post-therapy, Hanna called Caleb to tell him that their time together was the best year of her life. Wait, maybe that means the therapy didn’t work?

Regardless, while Hanna was breaking plates, Aria was breaking hearts — Jake’s, to be exact. The hunk of a man had just returned home from his tournament when she told him that she was back with Ezra. He took the news fairly well, up until he witnessed Ezra screaming at a random blonde about how she had screwed up. I have no idea what was happening, but Ezra was pissed. However, the only thing Ezra’s better at than wearing vests is lying. When Aria confronted him about the fact that he had lied about a “trip to Philadelphia,” he told her that he was yelling at Maggie’s lawyer. According to him, he still wanted to be able to see Malcolm, and things were getting a little heated. Sure, if Malcolm’s real name is Ali, amirite?

Across town, Spencer’s world seemed to be crumbling. First, she learned that Jason was in rehab after being arrested for fighting. Well, that’s what her dad told her, but considering her dad also tried to get Toby to sign a settlement offer from Radley without explaining that Mrs. D is on the Board of Trustees there, he’s not exactly trustworthy. Spoiler: Toby signed the deal, and he’s now mad at Spencer. Also mad at Spencer is Emily, our last Liar to discuss.

While at church, Emily ran into Shana, who claimed she came to town to help Ali find out who was after her. Apparently, Shana met Ali when she was 3 and grew up next to Ali’s grandparents in Georgia. She came to Rosewood and befriended Jenna because Jenna was on Ali’s suspect list. Okay, say Emily believed you, what now? Well, Ali wanted to meet Emily … alone.

The other Liars still weren’t convinced that Shana wasn’t working for “A,” but Emily went anyway. At an old warehouse, Ali and Emily reunited. Ali told Emily that she wasn’t sure she could trust the other girls, but that she regrets hurting Emily. She asked for Emily’s help so that she could come home, but before Emily could get any real answers, Spencer showed up and scared Ali off. Not smooth, Spence. Not smooth at all.

So, to sum things up, everyone seems to be heartbroken — or destined for heartbreak (cough, Aria) — and Jake might be the smartest guy around. He called Aria out on how maybe she should be scared of Ezra, and how she definitely should keep her eyes open. Plus, there’s the fact that he looked really good during that shirtless workout, even if it did end with him getting stabbed.

And finally, in the “A” cameo of the week, a hooded figure found Shana’s locker and burned a photo of Ali’s friend, which makes me think it’s safe to say that Shana is who she says she is. It also means it’s safe to say that she might go missing sometime soon.

What did you all think of the episode? Is Paige really on Ali’s list of suspects? Is Ali trying to come between the Liars like Spencer said? And what was a hotter image: Ezra feeding Aria cake or Jake working out shirtless? Is it horrible that I still think Ezra’s cute? Maybe it was the cake. Either way, sound off in the comments below!

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