Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

We knew it was coming — but Seth Meyers has finally set an end date for SNL.

Today at the Television Critics Association press tour, where Meyers held a panel to talk about his new Late Night gig, Meyers revealed that Feb. 1 will his last time behind the Weekend Update desk, as he prepares for his new show’s Feb. 24 premiere. “It’s heartbreaking, but I’m really happy I came back and did this first half of the year,” Meyers told reporters after the panel. “There was talks when this came up — because I found out before my last show last year — and I knew I wanted to come back, and I’m really glad I did. The nice thing about SNL is that you’re busy that you don’t have much time to reminisce.”

Meanwhile, plans for the body of his new Late Night show continue to progress. Meyers said their theme song was just sent out to a few composers this week, and they are in the process of finding a band. He added that the writers, who include former head Weekend Update writer Alex Bays, are hoping to develop a slate of characters — not unlike Stefon and Taran Killiam’s 18th century reporter, Jebediah Atkinson — “who belong on our show as opposed to SNL.”

One thing that’s currently set in stone? His first guest, who, as previously reported, will be fellow SNL alum and currently Park and Recreation star Amy Poehler. Meyers reiterated his plan to populate his guest list with well-knowns and people the “audience could get to know” — such as authors and politicians — but admitted that the interview portion is a point of anxiety for him. “I think I’m most nervous about…the fast turn around and also the interviewing. I just think it’s a thing where you won’t know how good you’re at it until you do it. And you just have to try to get better,” he said.

Meyers said he’s already reached out to exiting Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, who is taking over the Tonight Show and received some sage advice. “He’s been really supportive of it, but the biggest discussion I’ve had with him and sort of the best advice he’s given me is that you have to be patient with things like this,” Meyers said. “You won’t know what the show is in the first night; you’ll have a better sense in six months, a year.”

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
Late Night With Seth Meyers
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