YouTube Ad Blitz Promo

Let’s be honest. You, like much of America, only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and half-time show. And now you can get a head start by taking a first look at some of this year’s soon-to-be-buzz-worthy TV spots.

Last year, more than half of the Super Bowl advertisers used YouTube as a platform to launch their Super Bowl campaigns early. For 2014, the YouTube Ad Blitz channel features teasers of pre-game commercials as well as highlights with FOX Sports playoff analysis, the ability to tune-in to see custom content from YouTube stars, and allows you to vote for your favorite commercials after the game.

“Super Bowl conversations are starting earlier than ever and so are brand’s digital campaigns around them,” Suzie Reider, Managing Director of Brand Solutions for YouTube, said. “Advertisers are creating digital strategies that span multiple weeks pre and postgame – last year Super Bowl ads were watched more than 80M times on YouTube before the game even started. Digital has become the first stop for brands, and that’s why we created the Ad Blitz teaser gallery this year, so brands make the most out of their investments.”

The Ad Blitz channel also features interactive games and the ability to create custom GIF animations from commercial highlights.

Check out the 2014 YouTube Ad Blitz promo below ahead of this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2.