Reviews of new songs from Shakira, Neon Trees, and more

By Grady Smith and Nick Catucci
Updated January 17, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Shakira Feat. Rihanna, ”Can’t Remember To Forget You”
More wine spritzers and giggles than tequila and wet T-shirts, this megahyped duet finds the globe’s most wowza supersingers seeking a kind of ska-pop bliss. They take turns with the line “I’d rob and I’d kill to keep him with me,” and crank up the guitar come chorus time. But rather than try to top each other, the duo let their fabulous voices swirl together. B+Nick Catucci

Neon Trees, ”Sleeping With A Friend”
How apropos that the synth-pumped first track from the new-wavey crew’s third album, due in April, should concern friends with benefits: Just try resisting this throbbing, affable single in a moment of weakness. And don’t hold the band’s tender easiness against them. BNick Catucci

Lucy Hale, ”You Sound Good To Me”
The Pretty Little Liars star’s debut single is a safe, flirty piece of pop-infused Nashville twang — and it’s got a real (and real wordy) hook. Still, it may well be the case that as T. Swift pursues poppier pastures, Hale could fill her void on the radio. BGrady Smith