Fox is taking on the controversial topic of the gun trade with a new drama project.

The broadcaster has ordered Runner, which is described as being “to guns what [the film] Traffic was to drugs.”

The logline: “We find our way into the traditionally masculine world of Arms Dealing through the unexpected lens of a woman. After a simple twist of fate, Lauren Marks learns her husband is not the person she believed him to be. Faced with the harsh reality that her life is forever changed, she goes on a truth seeking journey that entrenches her in a US/Mexican war over weapons and terrorism.”

Runner is from writer Michael Cooney (Identity) and producer Peter Horton (Grey’s Anatomy).

Fox also ordered Red Band Society, a project that includes Steven Spielberg among its executive ranks. The logline: “A group of teenagers meet as patients in the children’s wing of a hospital and become unlikely allies and friends in this comedic young soap. It represents a completely inspired way into young soap, a comedic one-hour, a hospital show, and a (surrogate) family drama.”

Runner has received a commitment from the network for “further investment towards series production this summer,” while Red Band Society is a “firm go” as a series.