Your opinions on our year-end review issue, love for ''Downton Abbey,'' and more

By EW Staff
January 17, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Binge, Baby, Binge!
Thankfully, my wife gave me a renewed EW subscription for Christmas, because after reading Stephen King’s favorite television shows of the year (#1291-92), in the spirit of 2013 we binge-watched Broadchurch in two days!
Michael Wode
Portland, Ore.

Biting Commentary
Hey, EW, what’s up with no vampires in your year-end review? It was a fangtastic 2013, with The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and True Blood! I’m super-disappointed you kept them all in their coffins.
Christine Ghosn
Lake Worth, Fla.

Gone but Not Forgotten
I appreciated your “Late Greats” tributes. Having the departed remembered by the people who knew them gives depth to their loss.
Aurora Gandara
Las Vegas

Crawley Back for More
Thank you, EW, for making me change my mind about abandoning Downton Abbey (#1293)! Your interview with Julian Fellowes made me realize how silly it was to hold a grudge against him. It’s now Dan Stevens who is dead to me instead. And I’ll be tuning in to season 4 after all, to find out whether Mary is as stuck in the anger stage of grief as I am.
Nancie Tormey

Tragically Delicious
I was surprised that Feb. 28’s season 2 premiere of Hannibal was left off your calendar of new and returning TV shows. This show is so well-done — you even gave it a good review yourselves — but it seems to have been largely ignored by the press. Why no love for Dr. Lecter and Will Graham? It’s virtually the only good thing on NBC right now.
Amy Vazifdar
Manchester, N.H.

Digital Dream
As a longtime subscriber, I couldn’t imagine EW getting better. Then I got my first iPad! The magazine comes alive now. Before I used my laptop to check out the recommended songs on iTunes. No more! I just tap and sample the track. And I hand over the paper edition to my husband.
Brenda Young
Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Pithy Thoughts on Two Upcoming Broadway Bows
@EW: Tupac Shakur musical ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me’ set for Broadway – Broadway, the home of all true OGs. —@CALLTHEHOTLINE

@EW: ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ coming to Broadway English 4 is haunting me. —@CASEY_JONES96

The British Are Here!
…And they’re taking over your television. Between the colossal Stateside premiere of Downton Abbey and the impending return of this week’s cover star, Sherlock, American shows are feeling the competition. readers respond to James Hibberd’s post on the current U.K. invasion.

With Top Gear, Sherlock, The Graham Norton Show, Broadchurch, Luther, and even programs I have to track down on YouTube (like the game show 8 Out of 10 Cats), I find I’m watching more British TV than North American TV now. —Quirky

I used to think a season with 10 to 12 episodes (or in Downton‘s case, 8) was lacking. Now I think it’s just right: Since you don’t have extra episodes as a cushion, you’d better bring your best story-line arcs from the get-go. A show like Grimm could benefit from this. —You Don’t Care About My Name

Surprisingly enough, there are people in the U.K. who prefer Elementary to Sherlock. With so many mysteries crammed into only three episodes, Sherlock’s relationships haven’t been able to grow the way Joan and Sherlock’s has on the CBS show. —Michael

The British format of shorter seasons does require the audience to fill in the blanks. But it also prevents a show from wallowing. A few episodes of nearly meaningless plot may be worth it if it results in meaningful character development. Unfortunately, on American TV, that is a big “if.” —Sylvie