The annual Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up on Jan. 10; here's our preview of the devices you'll be lusting after

Alienware Steam Machine
The cult PC maker leads the pack of “Steam Machines,” a new type of console spearheaded by Valve that transports PC gaming to HDTVs. (; price TBA; late 2014)

LG’s Curved Ultra HD OLED TV
The 77-inch monster has a stunning screen that’s flexible — at the push of a button, its edges curl in for an IMAX-like experience that will likely cost a bundle. (; price and release date TBA)

Typo Keyboard iPhone Case
This standout case for the iPhone 5 and 5s bears a striking resemblance to BlackBerry’s beloved keypad — so much so that BlackBerry is now suing. (; $99; January)

Oculus Rift Headset
The updated prototype of the virtual-reality headset offers a glimpse into the near future of gaming, when players will all but live in their digital worlds. (; price and release date TBA)