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Updated January 15, 2014 at 09:25 AM EST
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Last week’s NCIS left a lot of questions unanswered, particularly about the fate of McGee’s injured girlfriend Delilah, who was in rough condition after a bomb was detonated at a gala. This week, we got some resolution — and it was more tragic than I’d anticipated.

But let me start a the top of the episode…

As you recall, Bishop was under pressure to find Benham Parsa, the man who eluded capture last week. And early on during Tuesday’s episode, it was established that the team’s best lead was the driver who help Parsa flee, Bashir Malik. So Bishop and Tony took lead on the fact-finding mission in order to track him down, and their trail led them straight to the NSA where we were introduced to analyst Sofia Martinez, a shamelessly flirty pop culture referencing charmer who (duh) hit it off with Tony. She gave them the skinny on Malik, pointing out that their best lead to finding him would be through tracking his communications with his sister, with whom he was close.

While all this was going on, we were led to believe that Delilah’s condition, while serious, was improved after two surgeries. So it didn’t seem too strange when McGee was cleared for work by Dr. Rachel Cranston (returning guest star Wendy Makkena). But when he was working, it was immediately apparent that McGee was keeping his true feelings about the situation close to his chest. I assumed his closed-off demeanor was a result of his overwhelming guilt about not being able to stop the bombing in time to spare lives and decrease the number of injured, and while that certainly was an element, we soon learned that McGee hadn’t been entirely honest with Cranston or the team about Delilah’s condition. Eventually, though, Cranston found out the truth: Delilah was paralyzed.

Learning this devastating development made it even harder to accept the episode’s ending, which found us at a dead end in the search for Parsa. As I’d mentioned, most of the episode was dedicated to the hunt for this driver, but it essentially led nowhere. They tracked him down using his connection to his sister, but that didn’t happen until much later in the episode. By that point, the best information he could provide them with was that he’d helped Parsa hop on a train that was headed to Miami but that Parsa had planned to hop off before the train reached its destination.

So Parsa’s still in the wind and though the arc had little in the means of closure for the case, the hunt for Parsa is one I look forward to seeing play out. Also, I can’t wait to see how McGee deals with all the change that’s headed his and Delilah’s way. If it leads to as many great moments for the character as we saw tonight — my favorite was when McGee admitted that he didn’t know how to talk to Delilah and Gibbs said honest was the best policy — we’re in for a treat.

A few burning questions: What was your reaction to Delilah’s fate? What were your thoughts on Sofia? Could you see a future for her and Tony? Or were their comments about each other being slightly “annoying” a sign that there would be too much personality between the both of them for anything to work out? Were you sad we didn’t catch Parsa? Did you laugh at the mention of Gibbs’s flip phone? Did you love the last scene between Gibbs and McGee as much as I did? Were you excited to see Rachel again? And is anyone keeping a running list of everything Bishop is eating — like Brad Pitt’s character in Oceans movies?

(UPDATE: EP Gary Glasberg talks about the inspiration for this episode/Delilah’s storyline here. )

Best quotes:

“Boss, would you mind sitting with me?” — McGee

“I don’t like talking this fast. Stop it.” — Tony

“I knew this day would come. Did you just hear about a body telepathically?” — Tony

“I know you all skip the greetings, but it’s kinda weird” — Bishop

Bishop: It’s pretty clear I’m looking at some gigantic shoes…unfillable.

Rachel: True. But I think both women who sat there would say the same thing: when it comes to growing, there’s no better place for a desk than next to these three.

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