Duck Dynasty
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Duck Dynasty is back … and as hairy as ever!

The fifth season kicked off Wednesday with the return of Rebecca, Willie and Korie’s exchange-student-turned-daughter who spent the last two years interning in the fashion industry in the City of Angels. After Willie and John Luke grabbed Rebecca, her five suitcases, and her French bulldog at the airport, everything was set in motion. Korie was planning a surprise party for everyone other than Si, who spent the episode infecting Miss Kay with the bird flu. Yes, the bird flu. The upside: Sick Si loves watching every Air Bud ever made on VHS — even Air Bud: Spikes Back! — and discussing how the dog is better than Jason Bourne.

Without Si, Phil, or Kay (but with Kay’s gumbo), the party went smoothly. Rebecca informed Willie that she wants to move back home and start her own business, so that’s something to look forward to. Other important lessons: Jase hates group texts, and John Luke loves emojis.

Moving on, episode two was all about “Uncle Si’s great, amazing, great, just out of this world, treasure hunt” and Willie’s new assistant. Long story short, Si has absolutely no idea what kids under the age of 10 like to do for fun, and Willie hired himself a mini-me named John David. Jase wasn’t a fan of the “hobo” at first, but after John David bought the guys a new basketball — theirs went flat — he was officially accepted to the team.

And just like that, the show is back in all of its slightly confusing, slow-talking, beard-growing, addictive glory. So what did you all think of the first episodes back? Sound off in the comments below!

Duck Dynasty
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