Harry Connick Jr. is my favorite American Idol judge so far, and not just because he cradled a contestant like a baby on tonight’s season 13 premiere. (Anyone else jealous of that baby?)

In the face of a steady stream of mediocre contestants, “your mom’s favorite singer” did not sugarcoat his critiques. Plenty of times, Keith Urban and J. Lo said yes to someone and Connick Jr. had to be honest: “I don’t think you’re a good enough singer. No.”

Connick Jr. spent the premiere playfully batting the warm and glowing ego balloon that is Jennifer Lopez — he could have been more persistent with his specific musicianship suggestions for people every time she smoothly steamrolled his opinions, but I think he’ll do that down the line during the live shows. Tonight, he held back, settled in, and toyed with the balloon gently enough so that things stayed fun and she didn’t burst.

I have a feeling there won’t be many explosive moments on American Idol this season — and that’s probably for the best. Harry and Keith are clearly in goofy, stupid love, and that’s even better.

The judges’ dynamic is solid — a much-needed reprieve after last year’s bitchy mess.

Now all we need are MANY more contestants with actual star power….

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Wise up, kids!

Thoughts on Harry, J. Lo, and Keith? Favorite singers so far? Discuss!