You nevurrrr sawwww thissss commmmming…

Unless, that is, you saw our recent First Look at Ben Kingsley’s encore as The Mandarin. In any case, EW has even more on Marvel Studio’s new One-Shot short film All Hail the King — a clip from the opening of the 14-minute film.

In this prologue, a documentarian played by Scoot McNairy (best known for Argo and In Search of a Midnight Kiss) narrates his quest to understand the history of the man who, in Iron Man 3, captivated the world’s attention as a fearsome terrorist, who amalgamated the forms of various menacing figures from history.

The fact that this man turned out to be (SPOILER ALERT) kind of a huge fraud is just another fascinating wrinkle in The Mandarin’s storied past.

Those who’ve already seen Iron Man 3 know that this terrifying figure was actually a clueless British actor who was simply desperate for work — and too dim to realize what he was getting into.

Spared an agonizing (albeit hilarious) demise in the feature film, Kingsley’s brain-addled Trevor Slattery survives to unleash more chaos in this short film, written and directed by Drew Pearce (who co-wrote Iron Man 3.)

For more on the short, which will be available on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray on Feb. 25, check out our extended interview with the filmmaker from last week: ‘All Hail the King’: Faux meets Foe as Drew Pearce and Ben Kingsley resurrect The Mandarin.

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