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When The Originals left us in 2013, Klaus had just offered Marcel the opportunity to reign New Orleans as partners, an offer Marcel accepted before breaking things off with Rebekah. Elsewhere, Elijah and Hayley shared an almost-kiss, and Davina found out that Marcel had been keeping her hidden away for no reason. As a result, the now-angry witch went straight to erase Klaus’ compulsion from Cami’s memory. So what’s next for the supernatural folk of the French Quarter?

We caught up with the man behind co-king Marcel, Charles Michael Davis, to talk about Rebekah, Marcel’s secret, and all things girl power:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If the first half of the season focused on a power struggle between Marcel and Klaus, who have seemingly decided to rule together, what would you say is the theme of the second half of the season?

CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS: I think that’s a tough one because things change so quickly. What you think is going to be one storyline quickly becomes something else, depending on the importance, and with this show, the one thing that’s most important is family. That’s the big through line. So it’s not the issue about ruling together; I think that the bigger thing is the relationship between Marcel and Klaus. I think going forward it’s going to be one that they’re going to try to reconcile. But as you see with the show, there are a lot of things thrown into the mix that change how characters feel towards each other. So it’s just about balancing and keeping a stable family. For right now, it seems like at least those two brothers are doing okay.

Do you think Marcel is ready to be peaceful? What is his mental state heading into this week’s episode?

Calm and reserved about showing his hand, especially since he tried to take down Klaus – that was a humbling experience. I like the way he reacted to it: You learn from it, you deal with it. But I think he’s still biding his time and sussing things out. He is ambitious, so you can’t count him out, and you can’t think that he won’t want to be king again.

When it comes to Rebekah, do you think he really loves her?

No. I’m just kidding. [Laughs] Underneath it all, he definitely loves her. Again I don’t write the show, but I think that for sure he loves her, and they both have really good intentions. They just want to be together, and it’s really tough to be together when your brother isn’t approving, and it’s even tougher when your brother’s a vampire/werewolf, so it just makes it really tough. They have to work with what they got, and so it can seem like his actions aren’t in line with that. It looks like he might be manipulating her, but really he’s just trying to balance out all these needs.

We have to talk about that “secret” Rebekah threatened Marcel with. What can you tell us about it and what it would do to the relationship between Marcel and Klaus?

It’s one that will really change the relationship. Much like big secrets that people hide – I’ve used this example before – like celebrities that you never know they have this secret and then it comes out publicly, whether it’s someone cheated on somebody, and there’s no going back to how things were, and you don’t plan to reveal that secret. It’s something that not only changes things for Marcel but obviously for Rebekah or else she would’ve told the secret, and there’s a reason that they hide it from Klaus, because they know how he reacts when things don’t go his way. It’s something pretty big.

Is that coming out soon?


Next week?

It’s not next week, but it is relatively soon.

Let’s talk about Davina. She’s not so happy with Marcel right now, and the mid-season finale ended with her sort of pairing up with Cami. What’s their incentive? Are they a legitimate opponent to Marcel and Klaus’ reign?

That’s when it’s about the relationships. They’re going to develop their own relationship. Davina doesn’t have any intentions to control the city right now, so I think their relationship is a lighter one, it’s a little more fun. It’s not necessarily about power, which is nice. With Davina, she was thrown off, so she’s got to regain her balance. She’s striking out on her own, and she’s making new friends, and she’s being very resourceful, and I love that. I really love her character, so you get to see how she can interact with a strong woman like Cami. This episode is about the girls finding their power — not necessarily power in the sense of control but power in the sense of knowing who they are.

Klaus and Marcel took out the human faction in the mid-season finale, so will there be a new human faction at play in the second half of the season?

I would think that, like you said, Klaus told Father Kieran [to] go ahead and rebuild that faction. That void has to be filled just to maintain balance, so I would assume so. There has to be someone in charge.

Finally, I have to ask: Is Tyler still in Marcel’s garden?

[Laughs] I really don’t know. That’s what I was wondering.

Is Tyler just going to pop up in five episodes?

I don’t know. No, Tyler will pop up again. You may see him on our show, you may see him on Vampire Diaries. I think maybe he was shipped out and they put him in a container or something. I don’t really know. Last we saw the head attendant of the garden took him away, so I don’t think he’s actually in the garden. I think they disposed of him.

The Originals airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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