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Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin has made a trip to Sesame Street, and, naturally, it’s a guest appearance that befits a princess. Taking a break from what the actress calls “her day job” playing Snow White on Once Upon a Time, Goodwin teams up with fairy Muppet Abby Cadabby to teach kids about the word “adventure.”

Goodwin learned that Sesame Street wanted her on the show via an email from her publicist. Having grown up watching the PBS series with her younger sister, Goodwin’s reply was pretty enthusiastic: “I believe my response was in all-caps, and there was a lot of cursing and happiness,” she told EW.

Abby Cadabby, puppeteered by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, and Goodwin immediately hit it off on set. After the two met, Abby exclaimed, “You’re so cute!” to which Goodwin responded, “You’re so cute!” Then Abby fired right back, “No, you’re so cute! I love your dress!” Abby couldn’t take her eyes off that city map-print dress — later she said, “Can I have the house on the other side of your boob?”

Throughout her time on set for Sesame Street, Goodwin appeared to be full of joy and wonder, a demeanor that certainly lent itself to a segment about the word “adventure.”

Sesame Street head writer and director Joey Mazzarino said of the actress, “What a light. She is like a Muppet herself. When she and Abby started to play, it really felt like a little kid playing with another little kid. Anytime you get a grown-up who still has that little kid side of them and they go to that place — it just makes me so happy.”

Check out Goodwin’s “Word on the Street” segment below:

On set for Sesame Street‘s June shoot of a slew of celebrity appearances, EW asked Goodwin if she’ll someday use the video of her visit to Sesame Street as evidence that she’s a really cool mom should she ever have kids. Goodwin said, “Totally! I’m gonna hold onto this one until they’re old enough to really appreciate it.” She may get that opportunity soon: Goodwin now is expecting her first child with fiancé Josh Dallas, a.k.a. Once Upon a Time‘s Prince Charming.

Goodwin’s appearance airs in this Thursday’s episode, titled “The Princess Story,” at 10 a.m. ET/PT on PBS. Other celebs set to appear later this season include Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick, True Blood actress Rutina Wesley and Olympian Evan Lysacek.

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