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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is capitalizing on her reality TV fame with a new clothing line for shopping network HSN.

The Bravolebrity is releasing an eight-piece collection inspired by her personal style. Items in the Kyle by Kyle Richards line are priced between $69.90 and $199.90. The collection debuts February 25th on

“The number one question I was asked [was]: ‘Do you have your own line?'” Richards told EW. ” I’d always thought about it. Then I started having dreams and when I would wake up, I had [designed] a piece of clothing in my head. I’d never done that in my life, so I thought it was a sign.”

Richards talked to EW about her fashion favorites, whether she’ll be back for another season of RHoBH, and recent run-ins with former Housewives Adrienne Maloof, Taylor Armstrong, and Camille Grammar. Read on for all the details and get a sneak peek at her HSN collection.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like designing your own clothing line?

Kyle Richards: I wanted everything to be comfortable and to [evoke] relaxed glamour. We discussed the ideas I was having dreams about — which is quite strange to me still — and we looked at things I’ve worn for years… Like, ‘This shirt has the idea I want.’

Do you have a favorite piece?

One of my favorite pieces is the one-sleeve jumpsuit. The fabric literally feels like a pajamas. I always wear it at home when I’m entertaining because I don’t want to be in a tight, uncomfortable dress. I can also wear it on a red carpet. In fact, I just wore it in blue on the Arsenio Hall Show. I also love the jacket with embellished sleeves. I get so many compliments on it. I have friends already asking me for that one.

Will we see any clothes from your line on upcoming episodes of RHoBH?

You will, eventually… In this season, no, but in the upcoming season you will, because this comes out in February and our show is wrapping around then.

When do you start production on the next season?

I’m not allowed to say, they won’t let me. I actually don’t even know that right now, but once they tell me I’m not allowed to say. We [usually] shoot over spring and summer.

One thing you don’t see until the episodes air is what your fellow Housewives say about you in interviews. What do you think they will say about your clothing collection?

Some of them have it seen it and they’ve already asked me for some things. I’m like, “You have to wait. It’s coming, I promise.” Then other ones have not seen it yet because we’re not all speaking. [Laughs] But eventually they will.

I somehow always assumed that all of the fighting was for the cameras.

No. A lot of people think things are staged nowadays or that it’s lightly scripted, but our show is 100 percent real. Nothing is scripted at all in any way, shape, or form, unfortunately. I would love to be able to say, “This is just a script and everything’s fine,” but that’s not the case.

Was it always in the back of your mind that you could use the exposure of being on a reality show to get into the fashion business?

It really wasn’t. I was a child actor my entire life, so, to me, it was like, “It’s TV. Whether it’s scripted or unscripted, this is just another job.” I thought it would be a fun experience. I didn’t have any big ideas. Everything happened on its own. I’ve always loved clothing. I come from a family of all women, so playing dress-up was a big part of our household. I’m very much like my mom. I’m realizing that, as I’m getting older, at times I’m glamorous, but I like being comfortable. By day, I’m running around being casual. My mom was just like that too. A lot of this is inspired by my her.

Your sister Kathy Hilton also has a line of dresses and your niece Paris has her own perfume. Do you talk shop with them?

No, on this particular thing, we didn’t. Design is so personal. I knew what I wanted everything to look like.

Do you or your fellow Housewives have to run your business ideas by Housewives creator Andy Cohen?

No, we don’t. I think it’s great that, because of the show, I’m have the ability to connect with my fans. But business-wise, no I haven’t spoken [with Andy] about this. He knows about the line, but he hasn’t seen it yet.

At one point you were talking about doing a line of handbags, is that in the works?

I was doing one and then I stopped. It was overwhelming at first — getting used to having this crazy schedule with the show and all my kids and my husband too. I’m like, “It’s my kids, then my husband, unfortunately. [I’m] a mom, you’re going to have to understand that.” It was overwhelming, [but] the next step probably would be handbags or sunglasses. This [could] just be the beginning.

What’s coming up on this season of Housewives?

I feel like this season — as crazy as it’s been and at other times it’s been more mellow — it’s really building, building, building. The end really comes to a crazy head. Right now, we’re literally building up to this volcano that’s about to erupt on everybody.

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How often do you speak with your co-stars when you’re not filming and who are you not speaking to now?

It’s calling and having lunch or texting, depending on everyone’s schedules. People think once we stop shooting that’s it, but a lot of times it’s that we’re traveling or doing press. A couple of times a week… Other than my sister [Kim], who I speak to every day.

You and new cast member Joyce Giraud seemed to have hit it off, but what’s the deal with all this Dream Team business?

It’s unbelievable. What made me laugh was that the week before in Palm Springs, they were criticizing me because I said, “You guys are a team. You’re going to stick together no matter what.” They were like, “How dare you call us a team.” Then the next week, they’re like, “We’re the Dream Team.” I thought, “I’m just going to keep my mouth shut because I do not feel like having my head bitten off.”

Does anything interesting ever happen off camera?

A lot of times people will ask me, “Is it really that bad?” And the truth is, it’s worse. I’m embarrassed to even admit that, but it is. You don’t see everything. There’s a lot of manipulation that the women do [but] I think the audience knows that. I can’t even tell you. It’s so crazy, crazy, crazy, and then people ask, “Are the women really like that?” Yeah, they really are. Maybe it’s because of the show. I don’t know why, but I’m telling you they are.

It’s been interesting to see how the relationships have shifted so drastically since the first season.

In season one, I was very close with Taylor [Armstrong] and Lisa [Vanderpump]. Camille [Grammer] and I fought, but now we’re great friends. I wasn’t that close with Adrienne [Maloof], but we became friends and now we’re not. [It’s been] up and down, up and down. I was definitely closer with the women than I am now. I was happy to have Joyce come in because she’s someone I related to. She’s a nice person and someone I can have fun and laugh with. I think a lot of the women, some of them, have changed because of the show. For a lot of them it’s a competition. “Who can be the most popular and how can I make this person look bad, so I can look better?” It is a shame. It makes me sad. It’s not easy to be there and to be a part of that. I grew up in a family of all women and we all supported each other. I lived with my mom and my sisters and my grandmother growing up. I’m a woman’s woman.

Everyone on the show says that.

Yeah, [they’ll say] “I’m a girl’s girl.” No, you’re not, because girls don’t treat each other like that.

Are you still in touch with any of the former cast members?

I see Taylor whenever she’s in town. She’s in and out of L.A. and Colorado. I speak to Camille quite often and I’ve been texting back and forth with her. She just finished chemo and radiation. I bumped into Adrienne at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

How much longer can you see yourself being part of the Housewives?

People always ask, “How can you handle it anymore?” Bravo shows so much of the negativity. But we also do have a lot of fun at times, like when we travel. Palm Springs wasn’t really fun to be honest, but last season we went to Ojai and it was one of my favorite trips ever. We had so much fun. Do you remember that scene where we were all doing flips in the bedroom and cartwheels and all that? That wasn’t even supposed to be filmed. That was us just hanging out with the producer having fun after everyone else had gone to bed. I said to [the producer], “Go get the handy cam,” because they keep one around in case of emergency… Well not real emergencies, but drama emergencies. [Laughs] We grabbed it and that’s when you saw us laughing and having fun and being silly and ridiculous. I mean, Adrienne Maloof was flipping upside down in her underwear. I enjoy that side of the show because I was a young mom and I really didn’t get to do girls’ trips and things like that.

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