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Just when you start to forget why these girls are called the “Pretty Little Liars,” they remind you. Or, in this episode’s case, they beat you over the head with the fact that they almost do nothing but lie…even to each other. (Yes, I still love them.)

Let’s start with Ali, whose diary was what Spencer referred to as “creative nonfiction with pseudonyms.” So, because Ali couldn’t even be upfront with her journal, the girls had to figure out how to decode it. Spoiler: There was color-coding involved. Their plan was simple: Weed out the stories about them, and see what was left (which hopefully meant a story or two about board shorts).

With Emily off to start the decoding, she got a late-night visit from the author herself. Well, I think she did. In this could-have-been-a-dream-but-likely-was-real scenario, Ali explained that she doesn’t know who’s after her. But then Emily’s alarm clock went off, so maybe it was a dream? Great, now the show isn’t even being upfront with me…not that it ever has been.

At school, Aria was lying to Spencer about the note she left in Ezra’s desk, claiming that it was a pen. Hey, I said they’re liars, not good ones. Spencer gave it to Aria straight: “You like Jake. You love Ezra.” Aria agreed, but claimed she was “working on it.” Yeah, if working on it means ignoring Jake and sleeping with Ezra, which, in my book, it does. So well done, Aria.

Sitting outside, the Liars gathered to discuss Ali’s diary as Ezra played the role of creepy lurker. Aria decoded a poem about the Busy Bee Inn, a closed bed and breakfast that Aria used to go to. The girls agreed that it could be Alison’s hideaway, so they’d head out there after Em got off work.

However, Em didn’t exactly do much working after she got a letter from Ali that read, “I want to come home. Meet me at our spot.” Emily headed out to their kissing rock — which was literally a rock they would sit on to make out — but Ali was a no-show (although someone was watching Emily from the woods).

Meanwhile, Aria (and her ah-mazing leopard-print pants) went to cancel her date with Ezra. He was half creepy, asking about her adventure with the girls, and half sweet. But the sweet part was temporary. As soon as Aria left his classroom, he went back to listening to a recording of what sounded like a phone call. Ali was panicked and asking someone to help her. She couldn’t figure out who was after her. *Raises hand* I know, I know!

Before we move to the girls’ road trip, we’ve got another liar to deal with. That’s right, the lies aren’t limited to the girls themselves, or even the show for that matter. Oh no, the parents of PLL would never miss out on the fun. Spencer walked in on a meeting between her father and Mrs. DiLaurentis. They were discussing what Jason “doesn’t know.” But when Spencer interrupted, Mrs. D was fast on her feet. She claimed she was getting a divorce and Spencer’s father was giving her legal advice. But that wasn’t enough for Spence, who found Mrs. D in town and told her to find a lawyer she hadn’t slept with. It was harsh, but awesome. And continuing her angry speeches, Spencer accused her own father of having an affair. But Mr. Hastings had the final word: Spencer was to stay away from Mrs. D. (Because she’ll listen…)

At The Brew, Hanna ran into Travis, the guy who had information on Wilden’s murder a while back. Apparently, CeCe was spotted at a train station in Maryland with a little too much money. It’s possible she was paid to kill Wilden. How does this guy know so much, again?

Brief Toby update: Spencer’s dad found out that Toby’s mother’s death was an accident. When she slipped, there was another patient on the roof with her, so they lied to protect said “fragile” patient. It wasn’t suicide, but it also wasn’t murder. Poll: Does anyone still care at this point?

With the girls on a road trip to the Busy Bee Inn, Ezra headed over to Hanna’s house to discuss how she was “failing” when Ashley got an obviously staged phone call. Ezra ran upstairs to try and find Ali’s diary. He failed. When he didn’t find the diary, he snooped through Hanna’s computer instead. And that’s all I know. Also, has Ezra been getting sloppier ever since the girls found his lair? I feel like he’s panicking now that the girls know Ali’s alive. In the old days, he’d have some fool in a black hoodie do this dirty work for him. Get with it, E!

On the road, the girls ran into — surprise! — a thunderstorm, which conveniently set a creepy tone. And did I mention the GPS stopped working just before the engine shut down completely? Looks like the Liars were trucking through the woods…to “Aria’s uncle’s cabin” we go.

At the cabin — which really belonged to Ezra — Hanna finally fessed up that she ripped a page out of Ali’s burn book. She was the “cradle robber” Ali wrote about, because she once hooked up with Mike! Yes, that Mike, a.k.a. Aria’s little brother. Shockingly, Aria was able to shake it off. I, however, could not shake off the comment about how Aria “should bring Jake here.” To her love shack with Ezra? Talk about twisted.

After confessing to the Mike thing, Hanna also confessed that Caleb left her. Seconds later, she needed some air, and luckily, the storm stopped as soon as she opened the front door. Nifty! She and Emily went outside while Sparia looked for blankets. But wait! Ezra was at the cabin! And he saw the diary! Just like that, Spencer and Aria were locked in the laundry room, and Ezra stole the journal. The girls quickly armed themselves, but it was all for nothing. The man at the front door was just Travis, ready to tow them home.

And tow them home he did…for free. Can’t he just be a nice guy, Hanna? Wait, can he? If Ezra’s evil, I don’t believe anyone is capable of just being nice. And speaking of not nice, “A” texted the girls a picture of the sign at the Busy Bee Inn. “Looks like I’m winning. Thanks for the tip.” Could the race to Ali be over?

In the show’s final moments, we saw Spencer temporarily move in with Toby — with her wardrobe, there’s no way she packed for more than three days — and we watched as Ezra (?) rebooted Emily’s car engine from his computer. That man’s amazing with computers, I’ll give him that. P.S. Is that even possible to do to someone’s car?

What did you all think of the episode? Do you trust Travis? What’s going on with Spencer’s dad and Mrs. D? And how long before Ezra slips up? Sound off in the comments below!

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