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It’s been almost a year since ABC sadly canceled its incredibly undervalued sitcom Happy Endings after its third season, and the bite still stings — especially since VH1 teased fans by airing the entire series on New Year’s Day, thereby reminding viewers just what a gem this little ensemble comedy was.

Show creator David Caspe and fiancée Casey Wilson (who starred on the series as perennially unlucky-yet-unswervingly plucky Penny) called in to EW’s TV Editors Hour on Sirius XM to talk about the dearly departed series and what they hope would have happened for the characters. Specifically, we inquired whether Penny and Dave (Zachary Knighton) would ever have gotten together, as a budding romance between the two was briefly suggested in the second season.

“I don’t think we would have done the Dave and Penny thing,” Caspe said. “Our show is not at all a soap opera. Some of these other comedies are able to go a little more melodramatic than I ever liked, and any time we tried to do it, sometimes it felt a little false. I don’t think anyone really wanted to see Dave have to date his ex-fiancée’s best friend. There’s just something about that that’s kind of mean. I didn’t want to have to have Penny and Alex hate each other for five episodes.”

In fact, Caspe put the kibosh on any other romances happening in the group of six (in which four were single and three were straight). “I don’t know if Dave and Alex would have ended up together, but we probably wouldn’t have had anyone within the group of friends ever date another person [in the group].”

Another interesting storyline: Jane and Brad would have “eventually” had a kid — which is perfect, considering at one point they pretended to be pregnant and threw themselves a fake baby shower. Still, a baby bump couldn’t even compete with the biggest plot twist that Caspe and Wilson teased: All the characters were dead.

“Well, not so much that they would become dead, but a reveal that they have been dead the entire series,” joked Caspe. “Sort of that this little block of Chicago was purgatory for all of them.” A-MAHZ-ING.

Listen to Caspe and Wilson’s interview on EW’s Sirius XM channel below:

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