Last week I got to feel the full force of the polar vortex in New York City, but it was well worth it as I had the amazing opportunity to co-host with the ladies of The View. It was an absolute blast, an honor, and I can’t wait to get back to do it again. Every Sunday during the month of Juan-uary we’re airing specials that take you behind the scenes of your favorite show. It will all culminate with Sean and Catherine’s live wedding event on Sunday, January 26th.

Sunday night’s episode was a behind-the-scenes look at the show. I love that through these specials we’re able to show our fans more and more of what really happens on The Bachelor. We showed you how last week Juan Pablo and I continued the tradition of crashing Bachelor viewing parties around town. I always love doing this, walking into the homes of our fans and seeing what a real impact this show has and how it really does bring people together. I honestly don’t think any other show on television promotes that sense of community. I also enjoyed the fact that this special allowed me to show all of you my casual sit-down talk with Juan Pablo the day after the rose ceremony. It’s been great to show you sides of our Bachelor we usually just don’t have the time to show you.

I thought this was an exceptional second episode. The tension and the drama are incredibly high this early for Juan reason and Juan reason only. Juan Pablo has made a strong impression on these women already and they can tell this guy is a catch and they’re not about to let this opportunity slide by without a fight. Clare got the all-important, but often jinxed, first date. Whoever gets that first date often has a great time and gets a rose, but it’s tough because they then have to wait for quite some time to get more alone time and that can lead to doubt and drama. But on this night, Clare and Juan Pablo were happy as could be. As you saw on the special Sunday, our crew performed a miracle and turned a valley in the Malibu Hills into a winter wonderland. I love that before the date, JP got to take his girl Camila to play in the snow. This is the first time she’s ever seen snow. If nothing else comes from this season, that father-daughter date was well worth it when we saw the look on her face and that smile. Clare also had a big smile on her face, as the date was in the snow but it was muy caliente. She easily got the rose and quickly became one of the frontrunners.

While Clare was out enjoying her first date, the girls were getting their first dose of naked Lucy, or really just Lucy because Lucy is pretty much always naked. She put on clothes just long enough to join the other 12 girls on the group date. This date was part of our Bachelor Gives Back program. This particular date with the folks at Models n’ Mutts benefits the Best Friends Animal Society. Elise and Andi seemed to draw the short straw, as they had to do a pretty risqué shoot with Juan Pablo. At first Elise seemed really smart when she switched spots with Lucy, who was more than eager to drop her drawers, but in the end that photo shoot was an intimate moment with Juan Pablo she probably wishes she could get back. Thanks to some smooth talking from JP, Andi decided to do the shoot and that made a big impression on Juan Pablo.

Obviously the real story on the group date was Victoria, or as Juan Pablo says “Ay yi yi, Victoria!” Either Victoria had a little too much to drink or she was affected by the altitude way up in that building, but either way she was a mess. The good news is during the flame out she left us with some amazing gems. My favorite Victoria quote is, “Life is about straddling people and things.” If you think about it, she’s right! She also introduced us to the new medical procedure the “hymen maneuver”. I’m not sure what it entails, but I imagine it’s not only saved many lives, it’s probably made many men very happy.

Renee was such a trouper on this date, trying to take care of her fellow Bachelorette — but I’m not sure any out of control emotional person is worth crawling on a bathroom floor for. Juan Pablo tried to talk to Victoria, but she wasn’t having it and wanted to just go home. Our producers understood she wanted to leave, but they really couldn’t let her walk through downtown L.A. at night without a wallet, shoes, and a place to sleep. As much fun as we have on the show, we always really do put safety first.

With that in mind, we were able to take her to a hotel to sleep it off and Juan Pablo and Victoria got to hash it out in the morning. In the end, I respected the fact that Juan Pablo was very blunt and honest with her and let her know that that kind of behavior just isn’t okay around his daughter and she should still go home.

Next week we have another special for you on Sunday night. This special takes a look at all the incredible couples that have come from this show. As we’ll just be a week away, we’ll obviously be spending a lot of time with Sean and Catherine talking about their wedding. Then Monday night, it’s our third episode. The dates continue and as you saw, so does the drama. Some frontrunners are starting to emerge and naturally there’s bound to be jealousy and that usually leads to drama.

As always, have a good Juan!

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