By Bronwyn Barnes
Updated January 13, 2014 at 08:18 PM EST
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images (2)

There weren’t many fashion disasters at last night’s Golden Globes, but there were a couple of major disappointments, most notably Jennifer Lawrence and Zoe Saldana. Was bad taste to blame, or were there other forces at play?

“I’m wearing Dior. I wanted to surprise… do a shocker,” Lawrence told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. Was it just a tongue-in-cheek quip, or was it the actress’ way of saying that she didn’t have the option of choosing something from another label?

Lawrence is the face of the brand’s Miss Dior handbag line, so it’s likely that she’s contractually obligated — and well compensated — to wear Dior on the red carpet. That would explain why she wore Dior to every major awards show — as well as the Met Gala and a few of the Catching Fire movie premieres — she attended in 2013. (To be fair, fellow Dior spokeswomen Charlize Theron and Marion Cotillard frequently wear the label too.)

Lawrence’s Globes dress wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either — though it did inspire the night’s most popular fashion meme — and it appeared as though the actress herself wasn’t feeling it. Even as she accepted the award for best supporting actress in a movie – musical or comedy Lawrence kept hiking up the front of the strapless silk evening gown.

In Saldana’s case, if she had decided not to wear that Prabal Gurung dress it wouldn’t have been a business-related matter, it would have been personal.

Referring to Gurung as her “dearest friend,” Saldana told E News; “It’s from his latest collection. He sent me a little text, to Petra and I, my stylist, and he was like, ‘I’m sending something your way and when I was designing it I thought nobody else can wear it besides Zoe. And the moment you hear something like that it humbles you so much you’re like, ‘I have to wear it.'” Do you though? I’m not saying Saldana didn’t love the dress — she is known for her avant-garde taste in fashion — but if she hated it, she still might have felt obligated to wear it in order to avoid hurting her friend’s feelings.

As for Paula Patton’s sartorial nightmare, the only viable explanation I can think of is that she was forced at gunpoint to put on that dress.