By Katie Atkinson
Updated January 13, 2014 at 05:03 AM EST
Jordan Strauss/AP

The best way to interview a celebrity? After they’ve won an award. Backstage at the Golden Globes, the parade of celebs — including A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even U2 — were more than happy to greet the press and answer any and all questions.

Read on for some of our favorite quotes from the free-for-all press room:

Leonardo DiCaprio (winner — Best Actor, Drama for The Wolf of Wall Street) on Martin Scorsese and getting obsessed with his Wolf role:

I’m just thankful that Marty Scorsese is still as punk-rock, still as vital at 71 years old.

I stopped this film and it was like a giant adrenaline dump. I haven’t been able to work since, really. It was a phenomenal experience. Making movies is an interesting process. You put your entire life on hold. And these characters really do envelop you, for better or for worse. So, thank God none of the attributes of this character rubbed off on my real life, because I probably wouldn’t be standing here today.

Bono (winner, with U2 for Best Song “Ordinary Love” from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom), on understanding Mandela:

There’s a few firsts, but the most powerful was to be with the great man on Robbin Island and hearing his voice crack as he spoke about his experience spending so much time on Robbin Island. And few so stoic and so kind of dismissive of his own pain. The first moment in our entire relationship that I saw him just lose it was on Robbin Island, and I’m not sure if you know this, but Mr. Mandela from cutting rocks on Robbin Island of salt had lost the use of his tear ducts. So this great man through all this historical triumph, was unable to cry. And in 2004 he had an operation to fix his tear ducts. It just so struck us on that occasion. It was very emotional on Robbin Island. And to be on the island with for Edge and myself is something we’ll never forget.

Jennifer Lawrence (winner, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical/Comedy for American Hustle) on working with director David O. Russell again:

Before I even read the script, I knew I wanted to do it. Then I read the script, and I fell in love with Rosalyn. There was so much growth and so many ideas in there, and David and I were just on the phone constantly. She just kept evolving. She was just so exciting for me. She was just this character. I just loved her.

Matthew McConaughey (winner, Best Actor in a Drama for Dallas Buyers Club) on his good luck charms:

I have so many good luck charms, I don’t even know most of them. Camila and I were explaining to the kids: ‘We’re going up and there were five other male actors…’ And that they’d nominated me for Best Actor. My son was like, ‘I really hope you win, but you’re going to lose.’ Maybe that was my charm. Now I have to get that little son of a gun and go, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’

Jacqueline Bisset (winner, Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television for Dancing on the Edge) on her confusing acceptance speech:

“I was told that my category was coming up second to last, so I was absolutely stunned. I wondered why the guy was there with a camera filming me. I thought, ‘What’s he looking at here?’ I was completely out of it. I kept thinking, ‘Where’s my dinner?’ And I still haven’t gotten the dinner I was expecting. I can’t really remember what I said.”

Jon Voight (winner, Best Supporting Actor in Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television for Ray Donovan) on his lucky scarf:

I wore it to the Academy Awards once early in my career. Might have been for Midnight Cowboy. It was one of those times, very early times. And I got dressed as you do for these things, and you don’t really think too much about it. You get a suit, and I put the shirt on, and the collar was too tight, and I couldn’t close the collar. I didn’t know what to do.

Robin Wright (winner, Best Actress in a TV Drama for House of Cards) on her recent engagement to Ben Foster:

I’m shocked right now. Don’t know what’s going on exactly. It’s so new. We’re still talking about where, when, how. And I couldn’t be happier.