By Mandi Bierly
Updated January 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
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Being Human returns Monday night (9 p.m. ET on Syfy) for its fourth season, and with it, the kind of strange set conversations Meaghan Rath, who plays ghost Sally, and Sam Witwer, who’s vampire Aidan, have come to expect: “Interesting conversations come from nudity scenes,” Rath says. “It’s always like, ‘Cover your nipples with this hand, and then dip your other hand in the blood.'” “‘But then also with the blood,'” Witwer continues, “just caress his face and make it look natural.'”

Asking them for Season 4 teases might be easier: Rath says the theme is, “Everything happens for a reason.” We’ll find out why Aidan, Sally, and werewolves Josh (Sam Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager) were meant to find one another and why they’re stronger together. While new fans can jump in, Witwer says there’s also a payoff for longtime viewers. “There are things that happened in season 1 that we don’t really get around to explaining until season 4, which is really fun. That’s a fun thing to do to reward the audience like that. And there’s a whole plotline heavily involving Sally that if you’re a fan of season 1, you’re gonna love the hell out of it.”

For Sally, the entire season is a consequence of what happened with Donna (Amy Aquino) last year. “Because of the newfound powers that I have, I revisit the past in a special way,” Rath says carefully. As Witwer explains, “For her to be visiting certain places, certain times in people’s lives, you really do get to put together a whole picture of who these people are, what are their issues, and what do they need to have resolved eventually. So thematically, it’s a really interesting ability for her to have. And it also allows for us to build up a history for audience members who maybe aren’t as familiar with earlier seasons. But if they do know them, it will continually enhance that back story.”

Another thing to look forward to: Suzanna (Katherine Isabelle), Aidan’s long-lost wife, is back. “The guy’s got a lot of stuff going on,” Witwer says. “The overall arc for Aidan is, does this guy deserve any kind of redemption, ultimately? We’re gonna see some pretty villainous parts of him. We think we’ve seen that before, we haven’t really. We haven’t seen some of the darker stuff from this guy just yet. He’s also funnier. So,” Witwer says, laughing, “he’s darker and he’ll hurt you, but he’ll make a funny quip when he does it. The character has evolved to a point where he is the closest to human that he will ever get.”

While Huntington’s Josh and Hager’s Nora are dealing with Josh being stuck in wolf form on Being Human, it’s Huntington and Rath who play a couple in the romantic comedy Three Night Stand, which has its U.S. premiere at this month’s Slamdance Film Festival. They star as a husband and wife who go to a bed and breakfast to rekindle their romance and are confronted by an ex (Emmanuelle Chriqui), the one who got away from him. “It’s all about fantasy versus reality,” Rath says. “It’s a fun little indie movie that’s very strange and hilarious at the same time.” How would it be different if Witwer were her leading man instead of Huntington? “I think it would be more frowning. More jaw,” she says. Adds Witwer, “I was thinking more chin dimple. The movie is light on chin dimple, square jaw brow face. It’s the actual medical term for it.”

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