BBC America’s breakout hit Orphan Black may not return until April 19, but the anticipation is already building for its second season.

During the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, co-creator Graeme Manson and stars Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris fielded a bevy of questions from eager critics about the new season, and thankfully, they were more than willing to delve out the scoop.

Highlights below:

+ What’s Sarah’s mental state in season 2?

BBC America screened the opening scene of season 2 for critics, and without spoiling too much, Sarah finds herself seeking shelter from the rain while trying to find out more information about Kira’s whereabouts. But after finding quiet in a small diner, she’s soon met by two not-so-friendly faces. “I think Sarah’s desperation is amplified this season,” Maslany said after the panel. “You see it in the first scene….But this year is different. Every alliance in her life has changed, every dynamic has shifted and nothing is certain anymore. She’s not sure who to trust. A war begins with her and Rachel this year, really.”

+ Will they introduce other people who have been cloned?

Not this season and, probably, not “any time in the near future,” according to Manson. “We’re really enjoying this season digging deeper into [these characters] and deeper into their lives,” he said. In regards to new clones we might see in season 2, Mason didn’t give out a number, reassured that such decisions are not made lightly. “Part of the wonderful process of this is when [we] are coming up with new ideas and pushing ideas forward and [talking] about who we can meet without exhausting the concept,” he said. “We’re not a clone-of-the-week show. We take a lot of care and time in developing our clones.”

+ What’s up with Felix in season 2?

Prepare to learn much more about what makes Felix tick, according to Gavaris. “I think in season 1, Felix was very much an integral cog in the mystery. And I think what season 2 helps to do is establish him outside of the clones, establish him as an individual with his own identity,” Gavaris said. “He gets an identity outside of all that which is important because he’s a living breathing person.” Manson adds that Felix will find himself forming “friendships and allegiances with other clones,” testing his relationship with Sarah. “Many tough decisions are going to be made,” teases Gavaris.

+Is Felix going to find love?

“In all the wrong places,” Manson jokes.

+ Should we be worried about Cosima’s health?

Last seen coughing up blood and presumably headed downhill thanks to a mysterious (so far fatal-seeming) disease, Cosima will find herself facing “her own mortality” in season 2, according to Maslany, and trying to get to the root cause of her illness. “The one who seemed to be the most…full of life is now facing the science gone wrong,” says Maslany. Graeme adds: “It’s hard because [Cosima]’s my favorite clone and we’re putting her in this really heartbreaking position.”

+ Alison in season 2

“Alison is a tense person to begin with and the secret she’s keeping is going to eat at her in an interesting way,” teased Manson. “She’s got some explosions coming up.”

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