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Much to the chagrin of at least one editor at EW who shall remain unnamed, those high-waisted pants that Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore sports in Her have most definitely become a thing outside of the contained world of Spike Jonze’s futuristic love story.

Not only are they one of the most talked about pieces of clothing in film this year, now audiences can buy a pair of Her inspired trousers — which were themselves inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s riding britches — thanks to a collaboration between costume designer Casey Storm and hipster fashion label Opening Ceremony.

And why not? They’re striking in their normalcy.

Films set in the future — even the near future — usually employ a space-age wardrobe to set the scene. Outfits are often hyper minimalist (Gattaca) and skin-tight (Logan’s Run), and sometimes the costumes are sheer oddities (The Fifth Element). But director Spike Jonze and Storm (who has worked with Jonze since his music video days) wanted to do something different for Her. Their vision — to create a future that’s rooted in the past.

As a result, the clothes seen in Her are constructed of natural fibers and look bespoke, not mass manufactured. Storm made rules for himself that shirt collars would either be small, or non-existent, and that there would be no belts, ties, or even denim. “Denim is such an easy staple and it’s so ever-present. And when it’s not there, in the back of your mind you’re just somehow aware that you’re in a fantasy,” Storm explained. It was inevitable that a certain set of fashionably minded folks — hello, hipsters! — would latch on to the chic, simple sartorial aesthetic of the film.

Enter Opening Ceremony founder Humberto Leon, who worked with Storm to co-design the Her capsule collection. The line debuted on Dec. 2, in advance of the film’s limited opening on Dec. 18 (it opens wide today). The pieces are pricey: $450 for a double-breasted shearling coat, $150 for a plaid button-up, and a pair of those high-waisted trousers will set you back $195.

This isn’t the first time that Opening Ceremony has sold clothes inspired by a Spike Jonze film. In September of 2009, OC launched a collection inspired by Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are that included everything from fur coats and patterned mini skirts to adult versions of Max’s “wild thing” costume.

The Her line is certainly more wearable. You can even buy a crewneck sweatshirt with a safety pinned pocket — the ideal piece for helping your OS see the world as you do. Samantha, unfortunately, is not included.

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