Jennifer Hudson buys a house for her assistant, ''The Wolf of Wall Street'' drops the most F-bombs in a movie ever, and more

By Dan Snierson
Updated January 10, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

1. The Wolf of Wall Street breaks record for most F-bombs in a movie with 506
However, Christian Bale still holds the record for most F-bombs on a movie set.

2. Video of Jennifer Hudson giving longtime assistant a house as Christmas gift goes viral
She takes that “you’re gonna love me” thing very seriously.

3. Sex Sent Me to the ER airs on Discovery Fit & Health
Answering the question: What if an episode of Maury became an entire reality series on a network you thought was an educational self-improvement channel?

4. More than 200 people arrested for drug possession and sales at Phish’s Madison Square Garden concerts
Come on, cops. Challenge yourselves a bit.

5. In new book about female body, Cameron Diaz urges women not to follow pube-removing fad
You can read her argument in the chapter “There’s Something About Hairy.”

6. Ex-Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick training to become EMT
“Requesting backup medical assistance, stat! Twenty-one-year-old male with gunshot wound is dropping to a flatline! Repeat! Victim is DTF!”

7. Michael Bay walks off stage midspeech at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, apologizes and cites teleprompter malfunction
File another one under “Michael Bay/Script Issues.”

8. After plagiarizing graphic novelist, Shia LaBeouf commissions plane to skywrite ”I’m sorry, Daniel Clowes”
No word from Clowes yet, but after looking at the sky, 30,000 women punched their boyfriends’ arm and said, “Next time you cheat on me, you’d better do something clever to make up for it.”

9. Man who won hazmat suit signed by Breaking Bad cast arrested for allegedly running drug-manufacturing ring out of home
Much better, cops.