Your reactions to our Top 10 issue, love for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and more

By EW Staff
Updated January 10, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Top of the Heap
When I receive EW on Fridays, it is one of life’s simple pleasures. I recline in my favorite chair and relish each page. Obviously, artistic taste is subjective, and when I read the top 10 albums of the year (#1289), with Kanye West at No. 1 and Miley Cyrus at No. 3, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at the absurdity or hurl myself off a precipice. Of course, now I see your brilliance, EW. You were saving the best for last. Your review of Morrissey‘s autobiography (Books) was spot-on and much deserved for a true artist, one who changed the face of “alternative” music. I can rest easier now, friends. Viva Morrissey!
Tim Foley

My best-of-the-year lists would have more projects like Thor: The Dark World, Catching Fire, Sleepy Hollow, and Arrow, and fewer projects that seem like they’d simply be too painful to sit through to enjoy. 12 Years a Slave and American Horror Story may be great art, but I avoid them because they don’t look like they’d be any fun at all. Your magazine is, after all, called Entertainment Weekly — I guess I look for a bit more fun in my entertainment.
Jon Allanson
Coplay, Pa.

Why weren’t Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things on the list of the best fiction of the year? Both of these books were masterfully written, and each was such a unique story with fascinating characters. As much as I enjoyed Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings, it doesn’t hold a candle to the other two.
Sharon Greenthal
Los Alamitos, Calif.

Big ups for putting two massive dance tracks on your list of 2013’s best singles. Seeing disco (“Get Lucky”) and house (“When a Fire Starts to Burn”) included alongside other styles of current music made me smile.
Matt Franco
Los Angeles

Ladies First
EW, the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler issue (#1290) is why you’re my favorite magazine! Two of the smartest, funniest, coolest women in entertainment heading up an issue filled with smart, funny, cool women? I feel like Amy in those SNL sketches where she played a hyperactive kid running around her uncle and shouting, “Rick! Rick! Rick!” Only it would be “EW! EW! EW!” Favorite issue ever.
Deedee Baldwin
Starksville, Miss.

While I enjoy the antics of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, a little of these amusing women goes a long way. Having the duo “take over” EW ruined one of my weekly pleasures. No one, or two in this case, is witty enough to be allowed to run amok through an entire issue.
Prompter Bob
Harrington Park, N.J.

The Music of Madiba
Thank you so much for Sean Smith’s excellent article on the music inspired by the great Nelson Mandela. I would like to add one song to the collection: “Winds of Change (Mandela to Mandela)” by Nona Hendryx. This beautiful, emotional ballad, with backing vocals by Peter Gabriel, struck a major chord in the music world.
Tomé Cousin
Via tablet

Readers’ Choice: Best Film of 2013
The critics have already spoken — make way for the fans! In an poll, readers gave top honors to some of the usual suspects, but there were at least a few left-of-center contenders.

Gravity: 28%
It was the only film that truly felt like a new cinematic experience. It was gripping for the entirety of its run time, plus there was an emotional core that made it more than just a visual feast. —jayydee92

Other: 40%
Including World War Z, Prisoners, Captain Phillips, Before Midnight, The Conjuring, Inside Llewyn Davis, Fruitvale Station, Blue Jasmine, Enough Said, Out of the Furnace
The World’s End: Edgar Wright will get the respect he deserves…one day. —Jay H.
The Way, Way Back: If there were justice in the world for comedies, this would be in consideration for an Oscar. —Jilly

American Hustle: 16%
The direction, performances, period detail, and soundtrack were all phenomenal. —Mike

12 Years a Slave: 16%
It’s such a well-made, impeccably acted, and important film that it’s hard not to put it at the top. —tomciorciari