Credit: Matin Bahadori/Getty Images

If you’ve found yourself feeling less inclined to enjoy movies at the theater, it turns out you’re not alone: According to a new Harris poll released Friday, while 68 percent of U.S. adults went to the movies at least once last year, two-thirds of Americans admitted to going to movies less frequently than they did a few years ago. Instead, the new survey shows that the majority of adults are trading a night out at at the theater for a night in, preferring to watch films from the comfort of their own homes.

The survey, which polled a total of 2,311 adults from Dec. 11 to Dec. 17 last year, also asked participants about what they consider to be the best and worst parts of going to the movies and also polled people on how they prefer to watch films at home.

Overall, the poll found that the average American went to around five movies a year and only 17 percent of those surveyed said they went to see more than 10 movies at the theater in 2013.

57 percent of Americans polled said they would rather stay at home while 21 percent said they’d rather go out to the theater. Finally, the indecisive 19 percent said they had no preference on the matter while 4 percent of those polled said they don’t watch movies.

As far as the one or two best and worst experiences of going to the theater, 58 percent selected the sound and picture quality of a film on the big screen that was their favorite, while 45 percent said the best part was the short escape from everyday life. The award for worst parts of going to the movies goes to the high concession prices, which 62 percent of those polled selected; 56 percent of participants, however, said the worst part of going to the theater was rude moviegoers.

The Harris poll also asked participants about their views on 3-D movies — 69 percent said they agreed with the statement that 3-D films are an excuse to charge more money for admission prices.

Finally, the survey asked those polled what their preferred way of watching movies at home was. Interestingly enough, 60 percent said they usually watch movies on TV as opposed to on other mediums. Watching on owned and rented DVDs and Blu-rays came in next with 47 and 37 percent, respectively. 32 percent of Americans polled said they watched on-demand as part of a cable or satellite subscription, while 31 percent said they used subscription streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus to watch new flicks. Finally, 28 percent said they used their DVR or another form of recording device when watching movies at home.