By Andrea Towers
Updated January 09, 2014 at 04:16 PM EST

If you think you know everything about famed author Mary Shelley, think again. Leading today’s book news is a researcher’s recent discovery of a cache of unpublished letters written between 1831 and 1849, where the Frankenstein author spoke of her son and showed off her “loyal, grateful and attentive personality.” (How were these letters found? The Internet, of course.) [NPR]

Apparently, Mein Kampf is an online best seller – who knew? But while e-readers may help you to hide your perusal of the text, it doesn’t mean that you’re still not being watched. [The Guardian]

Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy will come to an end on July 15, when The Book of Life hits shelves. As we sit through 25 degree weather, it may seem like summer is a long way off, but here’s a photo of the newly released cover art and an exclusive excerpt to tide you over. [USA Today]

Ishmael Beah, best known for his 2007 memoir A Long Way Gone, has written his first novel. Titled Radiance of Tomorrow and published by Sarah Crichton Books, Beah’s narrative focuses on the aftermath war in an African village. [USA Today]

Omaha Theatre will produce a stage version of The Shining, marking the latest Stephen King novel to be brought into the theatre world. Let’s hope that this ends up more like the staged production of Misery and, well, less like the Broadway musical Carrie. [NY Times]

And finally, in Shelf Life news that you probably don’t need to know but should anyway, the American Dialect Society has named “because” the word of 2013. Why? Because. [LA Times]