By Erin Strecker
January 09, 2014 at 10:40 PM EST

Here’s the first Girl Meets World sneak peek of 2014.

Ben Savage has posted the above Matthews family photo, presumably from one of the episode tapings, to his Instagram. The picture shows the whole Matthews gang (complete with a very Topanga-esque headband on Danielle Fishel), as well as some of the other actors who’ll fill out the rest of the show.

For those who need up-to-the-minute news about the show, the recently launched Twitter account @GMWWriters is a peek inside the writers room — and that group sure knows how to tease. A recent tweet asked, “Happy New Year! Who would you invite to a Matthews holiday episode? Because we’re writing one. And there are lots of seats at the table.” Dare. To. Dream.

A few weeks ago, the account also seemed to hint at an appearance by Minkus or (more likely) apparently-not-dead Mr. Turner with the tweet, “Today we decided who the first guest star returning from Boy Meets World will be….Shawn? Eric? Really? So fast? Don’t you want to start on the other side of the school?” (In the Boy Meets World episode “Graduation” Minkus called out to an unseen Mr. Turner, who had apparently been on “the other side of the school” for the past season.)

Girl Meets World will premiere on Disney later this year.