By Erin Strecker
January 09, 2014 at 04:59 PM EST

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has always been a late-night favorite. So yesterday, when a scandal broke that showed Christie enmeshed in news over his staff’s role in shutting down lanes onto the busy George Washington Bridge as political payback, it was perfect late night fodder for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

New Jersey-bred Jon Stewart jumped right in on The Daily Show last night, recapping the emails between staff members and instructing Christie that an apology usually includes the words “I’m sorry” at some point. Noting that someone from the administration would likely take the fall for this to protect Christie, Stewart remarked, “Well, someone is getting thrown under the bus here. Fortunately for them, the bus isn’t moving. It’s stuck in terrible traffic.”

Stewart then took on the role of “Senior New Jersey Correspondent” himself, explaining it was sad for him to see his state sink to such a low level of corruption. “This is New Jersey, a state renowned for it’s piss-rich, first-rate quality of corruption.” Watch the whole segment — of course with call outs to Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos — below:

On The Late Show, David Letterman went with the easy jokes: “You can’t say power-hungry without hungry,” he cracked, adding, “How petty. Honestly, I thought this guy was bigger than that.”

The scandal broke too late for The Colbert Report to have much on the topic. Stephen Colbert noted there would be more jokes tonight, but for now, Colbert just joked he didn’t want to say too much and noting he would go extremely easy on him,”Because as a commuter I do not wish to get on his bad side…not to suggest he has a bad side. All your sides are wonderful, sir.”