By Sandra Gonzalez
January 08, 2014 at 03:45 PM EST
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This week’s NCIS could have — and should have, if you ask me — been two hours long. But alas, we are left to fester in our anxiety for the next seven days thanks to a cliffhanger that left McGee’s girlfriend Delilah in peril and Bishop under immense pressure.

Allow me to explain:

The Team was investigating the death of a petty officer named Daniel Coyne, who was mysteriously shot by a modified American surveillance drone. (If you think Tony skipped this opportunity to make machine vs. man movie references, think again.)

The “why” in this case was solved pretty quickly: Even though Coyne worked in training, he also had mission experience: Coyne once participated in a raid in Pakistan meant as a response to the bombing that killed Sec Nav. At the time, the raid was considered a success, but it was also known that a terrorist — a man named Benham Parsa — escaped with a drone that crash landed during the raid. The operator of the drone that the enemy had recovered? Coyne. Immediately, the Team assumed his death was retaliation…with more to come.

Because this involved some highly classified info, Delilah was heavily involved in this case and was an asset in providing information. Unfortunately for McGee, who was having a spat with her over his reluctance to attend a gala at which she was to be honored, this meant she was around a lot.

Someone else whose presence wasn’t entirely welcomed? Hollis Mann, Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend, who got involved when the Team learned she was investigating the defense contractors who built the missing drone for DOD. As you’ll recall, a few seasons ago Mann took off to Hawaii and left Gibbs out in the cold. (McGee and Tony referred to her as the woman who was “supposed to be Gibbs’ fourth ex-wife.”) Naturally, she was a little red-faced having to face Gibbs once again, but she remained focused on the mission — at least until they found some quiet time later in the episode.

In that scene, Mann went to Gibbs’ basement to “make peace,” but when it was clear he intended to act as though nothing was wrong, she threw a truth-bomb at him. “I liked you, okay? I really liked you. What happened between us was good — great even. But there was a wall that wasn’t coming down — your past.” she said. “I could see what was going to happen, how bad it was going to get. Me, trying to pull things from you and you not ready to let things go… I left so that we could remember the good,” she said.  To Gibbs, this was not the approach she should have taken. “You should have just asked,” he said. Gibbs being Gibbs though, he couldn’t leave it on a jab, and invited her to pull up a wooden stool and share a drink. Class act, that Gibbs.

Back to the case: The team eventually tracked down a woman named Pace, who worked for the contractor and was with Coyne when he was shot. It turns out she was one of two women he was seeing, and, we learned later, someone who was willing to sell information to Parsa in exchange for a little (or a lot of) cash. (She went about it pretty sneakily, too.)

They eventually tracked down Parsa, but not before also determining his next target: the gala McGee and Delilah were attending. Yes, McGee had eventually caved and agreed to go, and Delilah had Abby to thank for that. Abby had knocked some sense into McGee earlier in the episode, telling him that he was lucky to have a girl like Delilah and his feelings that the relationship was going “too fast” were unwarranted.

As it turned out, though, it would have been better if they had skipped the gala, because the team figured out the target too late. An explosion went off, and Delilah was badly hurt by shrapnel. McGee was unharmed because he was outside the hotel talking to Tony, who had been calling to warn him.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and Mann took off to nab Parsa, but he escaped by a hair. Upon returning to HQ, Gibbs was eager to get the search started, and particularly put pressure on Bishop, who seemed to have a hard time putting aside her feelings (she wanted to go to the hospital to be with McGee) for the job. “Come on, this is what you do,” he said, gathering her things and throwing them on the floor, like she usually does to get In the Zone. “Get to work. You find him.”

Best quote:

“He snuck into her quarters late at night and she flew his drone.” — Tony

Runner up:

“McGee, you look like the top of a wedding cake.” — Abby

Best moment: McGee and Tony’s ex-wives presentation

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