By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 08, 2014 at 04:07 PM EST

Hulu’s originals lineup for the new year, announced this morning, is an amalgam both old favorites and a few new shows, with offerings like a Real Housewives parody starring Casey Wilson (watch EW’s exclusive debut of Hulu’s Hotwives of Orlando trailer), the second season of Seth Meyers’ The Awesomes, and the second season of Chris O’Dowd’s semi-autobiographical comedy Moone Boy.

“What I love about [our slate] is the diversity of the high-quality content that is there,” Charlotte Koh, head of development, tells EW. “I think that we’re doing the continued mission of bringing a great variety of carefully selected, hand-picked shows from all over the world in lots of different genres and I think that represents the fact that we have a sophisticated, curious audience that wants to try out television that feels distinctive.”

The launch of a supernatural comedy called Deadbeat, starring Tyler Labine (Reaper) and So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley — Hulu’s first co-production with Lionsgate — and a second season of Hulu’s East Los High were also among the projects announced. Their full slate is detailed below.

The Awesomes season 2

This animated collaboration with new Late Night host Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker was one of Hulu’s biggest successes of last year, according to Koh, and the second season promises more of the duo’s signature comedy. “The wonderful thing about Seth is the busier he gets the more he seems to be able to do well,” says Koh, who mentioned that there’s “some overlap” between The Awesomes writing staff and that for his new Late Night show. “Personally, in terms of working with him and Mike in the draft stages — because we’re pretty much done with the scripts at this point because animation takes a while to make — he’s actually been very involved and most importantly, the sense of humor that The Awesomes has is truly a reflection of Seth and Mike’s sense of humor….I tell people that [Meyers] is in some ways the perfect representation of who we are — he’s smart, he’s relevant, he’s irreverent, and he’s funny. I think even though we have amazing dramatic shows, when you think of the brand, we would love to have people to embrace us as the place you go to enjoy yourself.” The second season premieres in summer.

The Hotwives of Orlando

A parody of one of the most popular franchises in reality television, Hotwives is about six women living in Central Florida who fight over everything — “except for their love of shoes, plastic surgery, and the pursuit of spending all of their husbands’ money,” according to a description. Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Kristen Schaal, Tymberlee Hill, Danielle Schneider, and Andrea Savage star, with supporting performances by Kate Walsh, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Joey McIntyre, Stephen Tobolowsky, Paul Scheer and more. It does not yet have a premiere date.

Behind the Mask season 2

An acclaimed docuseries created by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Josh Greenbaum (The Short Game) will once again take viewers on a behind-the-scenes adventure into the world of being a sports mascot. Its premiere date is not yet set.

The Bridge (original version)

Premieres: Jan. 14, 2014

The original version of the series adapted for the U.S. by FX will premiere Jan. 14.


The 10-episode, half-hour supernatural comedy stars Tyler Labine as a hapless but gifted medium who will go to any lengths to help New York’s ghosts settle their unfinished business. Brandon T. Jackson plays his best (and only) friend, Roofie. Deeley stars as Camomile White, a glamorous celebrity medium who is Labine’s character’s rival and nemesis. The show premieres April 9.

East Los High season 2

The 12-episode second season of this high school drama starring Danielle Vega will premiere in summer.

Moone Boy season 2

O’Dowd’s critically acclaimed family comedy returns April 24.

The Next Step

Reality-style teen drama follows a group of dancers as they attempt to win the regional championship. It premieres in May.

Quick Draw season 2

Comedy western set in 1875 follows a sheriff (John Lehr) as he brings the latest in criminology and forensics to a wild west town. The ten-episode second season premieres in fall.

Rev. season 3

The six-episode third season of this BAFTA award-winning comedy returns in summer.