Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Spoiler alert! With Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor officially under way, we grilled host Chris Harrison for a few teases of what’s to come. Here’s what we got out of him:

• Every season has a first, so what’s Juan Pablo’s? A hint: “It’s more to do with Juan Pablo and the fact that he is not a drama guy,” Harrison says. You’ll see already in episode 2, when some of the girls start partying, he’s like, ‘That’s not me. If you’re here for that, you need to go away.’ He doesn’t like the drama, and when drama’s thrown in his face, he kinda pushes back, and he kinda has a little bit of attitude about it. That can even turn some of the girls off. You see from the first episode, with Sharleen — that’s the first time we’ve had a first impression rose almost turned down. She thought, I’m not really feeling thunder underneath my feet, and I’m not really seein’ fireworks — I thought there’d be more. So we kinda lift the veil a little bit that there’s more to a guy than abs and a cute accent. There better be more depth. These women deserve that. This is a really strong group, and so they’re as demanding as he is.”

• Yes, one woman will say she wishes Juan Pablo were dead. “No Juan Pablos were destroyed in the making of the show,” Harrison assured us, “but as we get going, it’s inevitable: This is a very dynamic group of women, so you have a lot of strong personalities all trying to live together and all trying to date the same guy — that’s not a good combination. It’s great television. There’s some serious battles comin’ up. It gets good. And death threats,” he continues, with a laugh. “It might be the first death threat we’ve had… Usually by the end of it, I want to kill them all, but I don’t say it out loud. I would never say it on camera.”

• Juan Pablo may not kiss as many women as you’re expecting him to: “I think people have this perception of this Latin lothario, and he definitely has that air about him — the confidence,” Harrison says. “But it’s really his Venezuelan culture that you’re gonna see a lot more. He’s a very family-oriented guy. He never really acts without thinking about that, so you’re not gonna see this crazy, drinking, partying Latin guy. He’s definitely a lover, he’s definitely a romantic, but you definitely see a different side than I think most people are expecting.”

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